Zahid Akbar

Zahid Akbar

Zahid Akbar is a renowned lyricist, writer and, journalist. He is working as a Staff Reporter at The Daily Star.

If Salman Shah were alive, he would have celebrated 30 years of debut

On March 25, 1993, Salman Shah starrer “Keyamot Theke Keyamot” was released. Today marks 30 years of the actor’s career. The Sohanur Rahman Sohan directorial film also featured Moushumi as a debutant.

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I didn't do anything wrong, I was wronged: Shakib Khan

Today, Dhallywood actor Shakib Khan held a press conference at his residence in Gulshan, regarding the whole fiasco surrounding the sexual misconduct allegations from producer Rahmat Ullah.

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Playback singing is a syndicate: Fahmida Nabi

She has collaborated with many notable artists and has lent her voice to many creations.

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‘She doesn’t know how to act, they said’

Actress Azmeri Haque Badhan recently won the National Film Award for the first time. She jointly received the ‘Best Actress’ award for her performance in “Rehana Maryam Noor”.

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My son got to see me win, I am elated: Siam Ahmed

Siam Ahmed won his first National Film Award for his performance in Chayanika Chowdhury’s debut directorial film “Bishwoshundori”, in 2020. The actor has received the honour for the second time in the Best Actor category in 2021, for his performance in Roni Bhowmik’s “Mridha Bonam Mridha”.

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Buker Moddhe Agun: Audience sure of Salman Shah connection

Audiences were left surprised when Hoichoi released the much-awaited Ziaul Faruq Apurba starrer web-series “Buker Moddhe Agun”, without any prior announcement. The makers didn’t release any trailers and so, when many entertainment groups announced its release, curious audiences piled up to watch the 8-episode series to find out whether it actually centers on Salman Shah’s life.

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Hall owners threaten to close down if ‘Pathaan’ not permitted release

A lot of drama ensued following the permission that Shah Rukh Khan blockbuster “Pathaan” received, to be released in Bangladesh on February 24. Even SRK himself acknowledged the release in a tweet.

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His works need to be digitally archived: Gazi Mazharul Anwar’s daughter

Some of his masterpieces are "Achhen Amar Moktar", "Ektara Tui Desh Er Kotha Bol Re Ebar Bol", "Ganer Khatay Swaralipi Likhe", "Shudhu Gaan Geye Porichoy", "Ei Mon Tomake Dilam", "Chokher Nojor Emni Koira", among countless others.

‘Unish 20’: Shuvoo and Bindu’s pairing hits the right notes

Fans are in for an experience of love and separation as Shuvoo and Bindu reunite in "Unish 20".

The future of music copyright

In recent times, Baul Shah Abdul Karim’s family received royalties from the Copyright Office after his songs were digitally archived. Similarly, Ayub Bachchu’s family also received royalties for his songs when they were brought under the digital protection act.

Siam wins National Film Award twice in a row

Siam Ahmed started off the year with a bang, earning his second National Film Award, after already winning the prize in 2020 edition of the award show. This time, the actor has been announced as the winner in the ‘Best Actor’ category for his performance in the film, “Mridha Bonam Mridha”.

Shakib Khan shares emotional story from the US

Dhallywood’s biggest star, Shakib Khan is currently in the US. The actor travelled there on January 17, but will soon return home within the next couple of days. While on his trip, the star was touched by one incident in particular, so much so that he spoke with The Daily Star to share the story.

Riaz in favour of importing Hindi films

Bangladesh Film Artistes Association held a meeting earlier today at the Bangladesh Film Development Corporation (BFDC). The meeting was organised to discuss the issue of importing Hindi films to Bangladesh.

Adventure of Sundarban: A breath of fresh air in the industry

The release of “Adventure of Sundarban” on January 20 felt like a breath of fresh air for the Bangladeshi audience, bringing a film catered towards children—which is an unfamiliar sight in the film industry.

'Pathaan' might release in Bangladesh, decision tomorrow

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s film “Pathaan” might be on its way for a release in Bangladesh. It will allegedly be brought through the SAFTA agreement, and the distribution company in question has already sent a letter to the Ministry of Information and Broadcast.

'Razz is my king'

The marriage between Dhallywood couple, Pori Moni and Razz has at times been a rollercoaster ride. While at times the couple shared adorable pictures of their sweet banter on Facebook, there were also moments when Pori Moni accused Razz of both physical and mental torture. However, everything seems to be fine now, as the couple seem stronger than ever before, as they try to be the best parents possible for their son, Rajya.

Black War Review: Arifin Shuvoo gives it his all

“Mission Extreme” greeted the fans on December 3, 2021, and just 406 days later, its sequel “Black War” appeared before the audience on January 13, 2023. Revolving around the theme of terrorism, “Black War” continues just where “Mission Extreme” left off. Directed by Sunny Sanwar and Faisal Ahmed, the film portrays how terrorists use religion as a weapon for their own selfish goals, and how the police force works to fight them off.

Remembering Soumitra Chatterjee, our beloved Apu

Today marks the birthday of the person who immortalised the character of Apu in the film “Apur Shangshar”, with his ardent acting and expressions on-screen. He is none other than one of the brightest stars in the Bengali film industry, Soumitra Chatterjee. 

Sariful Razz to voice Bangla dub of ‘Pushpa’

Superstar Allu Arjun starrer, South Indian hit “Pushpa: The Rise',' which caused quite the commotion in 2021, will now be released in a Bangladeshi OTT platform in Bangla. In the Bangla dubbing of the film, the character Pushpa Raj will be voiced by our very own Sariful Razz.

I have taken a one-month vacation: Razz

Despite his success in films, Razz had recently experienced some conflicts in his personal life. After quite the strait, now him and his wife, Pori Moni are now enjoying their time at home, with their son Rajyo. In a candid conversation with The Daily Star, Razz shared his new year's resolutions, hopes, recent ventures, and more. 

Rajshahi gets its own Star Cineplex

Today, January 13, saw the inauguration of the seventh branch of Star Cineplex, at the Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Hi-Tech Park in Rajshahi.

Zafar Iqbal was Dhallywood’s most stylish hero: Anjana

Zafar Iqbal was the perfect embodiment of style and charisma- his suaveness and iconic fashion sense made him Dhallywood’s one of the first heroes to claim the title of stylish star of all time. He had done it all- he was a hero, freedom fighter and a singer. He ruled over audiences in the 70s and ’80s with his stellar performance and his quintessential looks.

Don’t compare our films with ‘KGF’ or ‘Pushpa’: Arifin Shuvoo

Yesterday, the makers of the film, “Black War” organised an event to unveil the official trailer of the movie. The event took place at Banani club

New year, new films

The last six months have been akin to a festival of amazing films for the audience. Hoping to continue this fever of wonderful productions in  this year as well, the filmmakers, actors and associated parties eagerly lined-up several big budget films awaiting releases soon.

I vouch for Awami League with my life: Mahiya Mahi

Today, Dhallywood star Mahiya Mahi bought the nomination form for Awami League.

Stars we lost in 2022

It's always emotional to reminisce on the beloved stars we've lost over the past years, but this year has been especially tragic, given how many of our brightest stars we have lost this year. While their absence saddens us, their memories and contributions are vivid in our minds.  As we approach the New Year, The Daily Star takes a moment to mourn the stars we lost in 2022. 

2022 Roundup: A year of revival for our film industry

The Bangladeshi film industry is witnessing a new wave of resurgence and popularity as a handful of cinemas were houseful this year. A total of 50 films have released in 2022.

Meghla Mukta in tears after watching her own film

The film "Payer Chhap" hit theatres today in 11 cinema halls across the country. The Saiful Islam Mannu directorial project features Meghla Mukta as the lead of the film.

Was ‘Karagar’ Part 2 worth the wait?

In August of this year, Part One of the web-series, “Karagar”, took the country by storm. Everyone was discussing the series, trying to unravel the mystery of cell number 145. Directed by Syed Ahmed Shawki, the web-series captured the hearts of audiences on both sides of Bengal. Chanchal Chowdhury's stellar performance left the audience speechless, and they could not help but wait in anticipation for when Part 2 of the series would be released. Everyone who watched Part 1, were eagerly waiting for the release of Part 2—which began streaming on midnight of December 22.

As new parents, this film is a blessing for us: Pori Moni, Siam Ahmed 

Yesterday, the official trailer and poster for Pori Moni and Siam Ahmed starrer, “Adventure of Sundarban”, was released during a ceremony at the Bangladesh Mohila Samity. The film has been directed by Abu Raihan Jewel.

While I support Brazil, I wanted Messi to win: Razz

Sariful Razz, who swept fans off their feet with his mind-blowing bicycle-kick in “Damal”, was thrilled by Argentina’s epic win in the finals of the FIFA World Cup 2022. Even though Razz is a huge supporter of Brazil, the actor was still rooting for Messi to take home the golden trophy.

I have always idolised Shabnur ma’am: Puja Chery

Shabnur has earned her place not only in the hearts of the audience, has molded herself into an icon for every actress who wishes to become a part of the industry. .Today marks the birthday of the much-loved actress of Dhallywood, Shabnur.

I have the courage to speak the truth: Dighi

Prarthona Fardin Dighi made headlines when she wrote about being a ‘victim’ of film ‘syndicate’ on her Facebook account. She claimed that Raihan Rafi initially excluded her from his upcoming film “Shurongo”, even after finalising talks with her. .She was supposed to star opposite Afran Nis

Kazi Hayat pleads for votes at BFDA election

Renowned filmmaker Kazi Hayat will see the release of his government-granted film, “Joy Bangla” on December 16. The director called for a press briefing yesterday, at BFDC (Bangladesh Film Development Corporation), where he got emotional and shed tears while sharing his grief.

After 36 years of acting, Aruna Biswas finally dons the director’s cap

Actress Aruna Biswas’ debut directorial film, “Oshombhob”, is all set to be released, having received clearance from the censor board. The actress entered showbiz by making her silver screen debut with the film, “Chapa Dangar Bou” in 1986.

Bangladesh’s first Telegu actress returns with ‘Payer Chhap’

Meghla Mukta is the first and only Bangladeshi actress who appeared in the South Indian film industry. She earned a lot of appreciation for her performance in the 2019 Telegu film “Shakala Kala Vallabhudu”. .She will be seen as a protagonist in the Impress telefilm’s production “Payer Chha

My career is over? I've been hearing that for 15 years: Shakib Khan

Dhallywood superstar Shakib Khan has signed many movies after returning from the US in August. The actor announced fresh collaborations with popular directors like Raihan Rafi and Mizanur Rahman Aryan on his social media account. Despite numerous announcements, Shakib Khan is yet to start shooting for any of the films.

Heartbroken Apu, Mim will not watch World cup finals

Two of Dhallywood's popular actresses, Apu Biswas and Bidya Sinha Mim are avid fans of the Brazil football team.

The state of cinema halls in Chattogram

The city of port Chattogram has only 4 running cinema halls— Silver Screen, Cinema Palace, Sugandha Cinema and recently inaugurated STAR Cineplex. It was opened on December 2 at Bali Arcade Shopping complex, located at Nawab Siraj Uddin Road, at the city’s Chawkbazar area. The new multiplex has

He will remain alive through music: Sabina Yasmin

Subir Nandi had an amazing gift of putting his emotions into his melancholic voice. For which, he is still remembered by audiences. Today marks the 69th birthday of the veteran singer.

World Cup fever grips showbiz

Much like the rest of the world, football fever has also gripped the entertainment industry after the start of the FIFA World Cup 2022. Television productions are being made to address this, with Kajal Arefin Ome’s “Bachelor’s Football” being a hit among fans.

I will watch Brazil's Matches no matter where I am: Asif Akbar

Noted singer Asif Akbar is an ardent Brazil fan, and loves football to the core. He has been actively posting about Brazil on his social media posts, where he tells stories about how his beloved team shaped his childhood.

Ronaldinho and Romário are my favourites: Bubly

Shobnom Bubly has her hands full shooting for Chayanika Chowdhury’s “Prohilekha” in Nababganj. The actress is an avid fan of Brazil, and can’t wait to see the FIFA World Cup 2022 this month.

I started to support Brazil after understanding sports: Sariful Razz

Sariful Razz swept the audience with his bicycle kick in “Damal”. The talented actor took special training to get into the shape of an ace footballer. The actor spent 3-4 months trying to get into the skin of the character.

I fought corruption and beat it: Nipun Akter

Nipun Akter has been declared the legitimate General Secretary of the Bangladesh Film Artistes Association, as the Appelate Division suspended Zayed Khan's candidacy.

Bir said 'Happy birthday, ma': Bubly

Today marks the birthday of Dhallywood’s much-loved actress Shobnom Yesmin Bubly. She spoke to The Daily Star about her birthday celebration with her and Shakib Khan’s son Shehzad Khan Bir.

Those who understand football, support Brazil: Apu Biswas

The FIFA world cup is kicking off from tomorrow. On the occasion of ‘the greatest show on earth’, festivities have already begun and the showbiz and the stars are no different.

Born to play villain: Remembering the legacy of Rajib

Wasimul Bari Rajib was a powerful and strong actor. His clear pronunciation of words and strong voice helped set him apart from his cohort. Initially debuting as a hero, he would go on to become famous for playing villains.

September 29, 2022
September 29, 2022

‘Beauty Circus’: The Liberation War weaved into clever storytelling 

Jaya Ahsan effortlessly stepped into the role of Beauty, the head of the circus and such a beautiful woman. The woman many men from the circus area of Banishanta Mela desperately long for. Sadly, the terrible events of her childhood keep Beauty constantly questioning herself. The circus and the Liberation War of Bangladesh are deeply tied together in the story of the film “Beauty Circus”. Added to the mix, is religious extremism.

September 19, 2022
September 19, 2022

‘Salman Shah is a brand that will never be forgotten’

Salman Shah, one of the most iconic actors of Bangladeshi cinema, would have turned 52 today. He was born on September 19, 1971 in Zakiganj upazila of Sylhet. Before taking on the name Salman Shah, he went by Shahriar Chowdhury Emon.

September 16, 2022
September 16, 2022

I am not just busy with the association, I have plenty of work: Nipun

Two-time National Film Award-winning actress Nipun's film “Birotto” released in 34 theaters across the country today. Nipun played the role of sex worker Lutfa in the film, directed by Saidul Islam Rana.

September 12, 2022
September 12, 2022

Is Mahi and Symon’s “Live” worth watching?

Blockbuster movies like “Hawa” and “Poran” rejuvenated theatres after a long halt due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the high-expectations that these two movies created with their revenue generation and audience acceptability in the country’s film industry, not every film can live up to that.

September 11, 2022
September 11, 2022

‘The so-called stars don’t even have the courtesy to visit his grave’

Legendary actor ATM Shamsuzzaman was a verisimilitude of immense talent on both television and the silver screen. He won the hearts of millions for his candid presence in diverse roles and became an emblem of spontaneous acting. Yesterday marked the 82nd birth anniversary of this iconic actor.

September 6, 2022
September 6, 2022

Arifin Shuvoo, Sariful Razz remember film icon Salman Shah

Even 26 years after his death, Salman Shah and the legacy of his remarkable, short-lived, career is still remembered by his admirers.

September 5, 2022
September 5, 2022

A songsmith extraordinaire

“Joy Bangla, Banglar Joy.” These words have resonated and are still resonating in the hearts of the Bangalees since the birth of Bangladesh. Perhaps, even earlier.

September 4, 2022
September 4, 2022

‘No regrets in life’: Gazi Mazharul Anwar in his final interview with The Daily Star

Legendary lyricist, director, producer and screenwriter Gazi Mazharul Anwar passed away today at 6:30 am in the morning. He composed over twenty thousand songs during his illustrious career. Three of his songs have made it to BBC's list of twenty best Bangla songs of all time. On the occasion of his 78th birthday, The Daily Star interviewed the Ekushey Padak awardee and multiple-time National Film Award winner at his Baridhara residence in 2021. We are providing the excerpts from the memorable interview here.

August 19, 2022
August 19, 2022

‘We are in love, but don’t have plans to get married yet’

Actress Eamin Haque Bobby celebrated her birthday yesterday. Marking the occasion, a post on Bobby’s social media stirred up rumours regarding the actress’ love life. Film producer Sakib Sonet had posted a message on Bobby’s Facebook account that lead to the rumours about the two being in love.

August 18, 2022
August 18, 2022

I was overwhelmed by this kind of turnout: Shakib Khan on returning home

Shakib Khan, one of Dhallywood’s biggest superstars, returned to Bangladesh on Wednesday after spending nearly nine months in the US. Upon his return, he was greeted by droves of his fans, who presented him with flowers. The actor also got the opportunity to speak with journalists who were waiting at the VIP gate of the airport.