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75 years of Partition: A young boy's loss

I belong to a generation that was overtaken by the pestilence called Partition.

On free speech and Milton’s 'Areopagitica'

Milton shows how the erroneous use of censorship laws have hindered progress even in the quest for scientific truth.

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Are bureaucrats a class above the rest?

They should be reminded that they are meant to serve the public

Toward Ladyland: On the life and work of Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain

Her 1903 piece “Alonkar na badge of slavery” marked the start of Rokeya’s explicitly feminist writing.


COLUMN BY MAHFUZ ANAM: A competition of errors

Is our government so weak that a proposed public meeting threatens it?

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Salvage the banking sector, unmask the kingpins

As a result of the game of secrecy of the real beneficiaries, those involved in banking sector corruption and money laundering have hardly been brought to justice.

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Pursuit of peace through violence?

Government must avoid the path of confrontation, allow BNP to exercise its constitutional rights

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Fix our current account deficit

Reevaluating economic policies and practices is the need of the hour

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Why this relentless assault on BNP?

Government must respect its freedom of assembly, and stop creating obstacles

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After the Storm

Hafiz Uddin Ahmad leafed through the stack of day-old newspapers in the officer’s mess, scanning headlines in Bengali, English, and Urdu.

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Chronicling the other Bengal

Writers are drawn to the bleakest of places, Arundhati Roy once said, the way vultures are drawn to kills. I didn’t know the full import of the statement until I began to work on my book,

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Probashi: Histories of the Bangladesh diaspora

The term diaspora originates from the ancient Greek dia speiro meaning a scattering of seeds.