How to stop stressing over small things

Do you find yourself getting stressed over the smallest of things lately? Getting triggered by something as simple as your phone not connecting to its charger properly or being overwhelmed when your YouTube video begins to lag? It is okay, we have all been there. In our fast-paced lives, it is not too uncommon to get consumed by the smallest of inconveniences and let them drain us.

1w ago

Know your Gen Z lingo!

Gone are the days of LOL and LMAO; IJBOL’s now in town. These funky abbreviations have Millennials, Gen X-ers and Boomers scrambling their heads in utter confusion, wondering “What exactly is up with Gen Z?”

2w ago

Stop putting it off: 5 procrastination-busting tips you need now!

The majority of people tend to procrastinate. In truth, I procrastinated writing this article for a while. At some point, we have all been there. However, regular procrastination may eventually lead to massive failures. But have no fear! It is possible to regain some measure of mastery over one's life by practicing self-awareness and self-care.

3w ago

Mastering the ABCs of bra sizing for comfort and confidence!

The quest for the perfect bra size — a journey many of us embark upon with high hopes — only to be met with confusion in the lingerie aisle. We are about to unravel the mystery of selecting the right bra size, ensuring you are not only supported but also embracing comfort and confidence in every curve.

3w ago

Stop ignoring your laundry! How often sheets and towels need a wash

Washing towels and sheets is perhaps one of those mundane chores we may not think about much. From dirt, dead skin cells, and sweat to bodily fluids, bedsheets and towels accumulate a plethora of germs and bacteria over time. This accumulation not only makes them feel less comfortable but can also lead to skin irritations, acne, and even health risks if pathogens are present.

4w ago

How to dress your kids for school in this cold wave

It’s a cold wave and it will pass, but until then, parents know full well what havoc it can wreak on the lives of young kids. The weak sun and the still, unhealthy air can cause blocked sinuses, congested chests, and runny noses. Come the school season, parents are concerned about the frigid morning temperatures and how to keep children as warm as possible.

Winter photography tips for all you shutterbugs

Winter isn't just about ice cold waters and late wakeups; it's more about foggy mornings and the perfect excuse to wear that stylish sweater you bought on sale. So, how do you capture the essence of Dhaka's winter on your smartphone? Let's dive into the frosty (well, sort of) world of winter photography, smartphone-style!

Unexpected life lessons you can learn from wilderness survival

If you are the average Dhakaite, there is a very high chance that you have swam in a swimming pool on numerous occasions, but never in a pond or any other naturally occurring waterbody. You also probably do not know how to start a fire without a matchstick or tell the direction without a compass!

Forgive, forget, and find peace: 5 timeless lessons from Confucius

Confucius was a famous teacher and philosopher. His ideas have not only influenced the people of China, his birthplace, but people all over the world were and still are inspired by his words. Here are 5 things you can learn from the sayings of Confucius.

Too shy to brand yourself? Here are 4 reasons to build your personal brand

Personal branding is exactly like making sure your digital tools are super sharp. Not everyone has access to these tools; but the real question is: Are yours sharp enough to kill (land the opportunity)?

How to cope with reader’s block

Reading and writing go hand in hand. And perhaps that’s why, just like there’s writer’s block, there’s also readers block. Only reader’s block is probably worse because reading is easier than writing, yet you just can’t do it.

Looking for a challenge, ladies? Learn Karate, Fencing and more right here in Dhaka!

Are you a woman in Dhaka looking to broaden your horizons, boost your self-esteem, or perhaps discover a new passion? Well, you're in luck. So, why not take a plunge into something new today? Here's your guide to all the places that teach sporting discipline that you might fancy.

Find meaning and happiness in life with these 5 positive tips

Instead of focusing on treating mental problems like traditional psychology does, it emphasises fostering happiness and well-being. Positive psychology's fundamental goal is to discover the keys to living a happy life.

Sharing financial information with your family

In our culture and social upbringing, we tend not to talk about finances, especially between spouses.

The adventures of haircuts at home

For those daring souls who wish to embark on their own hair adventure, a few words of wisdom are in order.

Finding a balance between technology and nature in our daily lives

It is true that living without our smartphones or social media in this day and age is next to impossible but it is also true that due to technology we often feel disconnected from the natural world.

Why practice self-care?

Let’s look into the importance of nurturing our mind, body and soul.

How to practice positive thinking

Here are a few ways to practice positive thinking.

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