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Dengue: 13 die, 2,799 hospitalised in a day

At least 13 more people died from dengue in 24 hours preceding 8:00am today as the country grapples with a record outbreak of the mosquito-borne disease

6h ago

Fair for mothers to-be held in Gaibandha

To prevent home births and ensure childbirths in hospitals

7h ago

From Covid to cancer: High hopes for Nobel mRNA vaccines

The coronavirus pandemic brought global renown to the mRNA technology that underpins vaccines from Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna, and on Monday earned a Nobel Prize for two scientists who have been key to its development

1d ago

Kariko, Weissman win Nobel for mRNA Covid vaccines

Katalin Kariko of Hungary and Drew Weissman of the United States won the Nobel Medicine Prize on Monday for work on messenger RNA (mRNA) technology that paved the way for Covid-19 vaccines

1d ago

Dengue Outbreak: Deaths cross 1,000 mark

Deaths confirmed to have been caused by dengue this year have crossed the 1,000 mark as the health directorate yesterday reported 17 fatalities.

2d ago

Dengue deaths cross 1,000 mark

17 die, 2,889 hospitalised in a day

2d ago

Can we treat autoimmune disease with 'inverse' vaccines?

Scientists hope a new type of vaccine could help treat autoimmune diseases, such as multiple sclerosis (MS), Type 1 diabetes, allergic asthma, or Crohn's disease

2d ago

Hospital runs without inpatient service

The 50-bed Tarakanda Upazila Health Complex, which started its journey nearly two years ago, is yet to start providing inpatient service, causing immense sufferings to treatment seekers.

3d ago

World Heart Day / Use heart, know heart

World Heart Day, celebrated on September 29th every year, provides an opportunity for the World Health Organisation (WHO) and its member states to join the global call to raise awareness about heart health and accelerate actions to prevent, detect, and manage cardiovascular diseases.

Missing teeth?

Tooth loss due to ageing, accidents, or decay can be a concern, but Osstem Implant, a renowned implant business in Korea offers a lasting solution, says a press release. They provide dental implants, a successful and popular method worldwide that replaces missing teeth with artificial ones without harming adjacent teeth. Osstem Implant, a global leader, offers dental equipment, IT services, education, and more, serving 90 countries.

Dengue vaccine on trial, will be used after WHO nod

Health Minister Zahid Maleque yesterday said the recently developed dengue vaccine is still on trial and it will be used after approval from the World Health Organisation.

AI-SAROSH workshop in sparks innovative AI projects for reproductive health in South Asia

AI-SAROSH, an AI-powered platform aiming to revolutionise access to Sexual Reproductive and Maternal Health (SRMH) resources and services in South Asia, hosted the 2023 Grant Cycle Co-Design Workshop on “Artificial Intelligence for Sexual and Reproductive Health for South Asia” from September 13 to 17, 2023, in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

1w ago

Cervical cancer prevention awareness programme held

Surjer Hashi Network recently organised counselling sessions to raise awareness about cervical cancer in its 134 clinics across the country, says a press release. About 2,500 women participated in the counselling session. Such sessions will help in both prevention and early detection of this deadly disease.

1w ago

Tackling hypertension: AI-powered personalised treatments offer hope

High blood pressure, or hypertension, affects a staggering 1.28 billion people globally and is linked to serious health issues like heart disease and stroke. What is troubling is that it often goes unnoticed since symptoms are not always apparent. Regular check-ups are crucial for detection.

1w ago

Stoicism embracing kindness & compassion in a philosophy of virtue - Part II

Stoicism used to be practiced by the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius and is still followed by today’s social emperor Mark Zuckerberg, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, and many others. It is a way of life planned to make people more resilient, happier, virtuous, and eventually better individuals and authorities.

1w ago

World-class nuclear medicine facility can help Bangladeshi patients reduce travel to abroad for cancer diagnosis

Cancer is a major health problem in Bangladesh, with an estimated 156,775 new cases and 108,990 cancer deaths in 2020. The most common cancers in Bangladesh are lung cancer, breast cancer, and cervical cancer.

1w ago

Dengue prevention: What people and the government should do

Bangladesh’s dengue situation is critical, with one of the highest mortality rates in the world and the worst outbreak in history. This outbreak stems from the abundance of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes and the presence of the virus in human populations.

1w ago

Is back pain linked to mental health?

In the past, understanding that the mind could suffer like the body posed a challenge for society’s common man. However, times have changed, and people are now giving due importance to mental health, ushering in a new era of effective mental illness treatment.

2w ago

Prevention and control of NCDs mark the kick-off of the Global Week for Action

On September 13, 2023, in Geneva, Switzerland, the World Health Organisation (WHO) announced the forthcoming launch of a significant report titled “Global mapping report on multisectoral action to strengthen the prevention and control of noncommunicable diseases and mental health conditions.” This report, showcasing experiences from various regions across the globe, will be officially unveiled during an online event co-organised by the World Diabetes Foundation (WDF) and the NCD Alliance (NCDA).

2w ago

Have a nice Day Stoicism

Stoicism teaches one to be altruistic, helping others without desire for personal gain or recognition. Since we were, in fact, created for it by nature, it is about doing it naturally. It is our function to benefit the species into which we were born.

2w ago

Prolonged use of acid reflux medication linked to higher dementia risk

Proton-pump inhibitors (PPIs), which are commonly prescribed to manage conditions like acid reflux and stomach ulcers, have been a subject of concern regarding their potential link to an increased risk of dementia. However, research on this topic has produced mixed results.

2w ago