JnU gets first female VC

Prof Sadeka Halim of the sociology department at Dhaka University has been appointed as the new vice-chancellor of Jagannath University.

3d ago

Is it worthwhile to drop a semester?

The university experience is unquestionably enriching, but it also comes with a lot of pressure, starting with strict academic standards and extending to the arena of personal and social difficulties. The thought of dropping a semester presents a tempting window of escape in such a demanding setting.

1w ago

Starting a degree in Economics? A teacher tells you what to expect

Economics has a unique way of looking at the world through unique tools and mechanisms. The problem, however, starts here. If you ask the question: What is economics, you could be misled.

1w ago

When should you pursue a Master’s degree?

There are some factors to consider when opting for a Master’s degree as opposed to going headfirst into the workforce.

2w ago

Everything you need to know about GMAT Focus

Offered by the GMAC, the GMAT exam is arguably the benchmark for evaluating a candidate’s trajectory.

2w ago

South Asia university ranking, 2024: DU ranked 19th, Buet 29th

The 2024 QS Asia University Rankings: Southern Asia includes 280 universities from the Southern Asia region. 

3w ago

Picking your major: A case for Anthropology

For an Anthropology major, the world truly is their oyster.

3w ago

Features to look for in an international MBA

In this article, we offer an insider scoop on how prospective students and employers can tell a good MBA from a bad one by evaluating four key feature.

The Allure of Studying Pure Science

Don’t pure science subjects deserve more attention? Should undergraduate students be more interested in pure sciences?

Getting scholarships and waivers in private universities

Getting a scholarship at these institutes isn’t as complicated as most believe.

The complex experience of academic guilt

Does everyone develop academic guilt the same way, and for the same reasons?

Dhaka University Fund gets Tk 1.11 crore upon launching

DU launches initiative to mobilise funds for research and academic development

What to expect as a first-year student of Law

Law can be an intimidating subject. From its student, it demands both a sharp memory and an even sharper set of critical thinking skills.

Three tips for an effective group study session

How exactly do you make a group study session effective? 

Things to know if you want to study business abroad

Pursuing a business degree abroad can be an enriching and transformative experience.

Is it worth getting a double major?

Whether you’re a shell-shocked first-year student or a second-year student who is moderately seasoned, whether you should do a double major is a question you might be asking yourself. In Bangladesh, only private university students get the chance to complete a dual degree owing to the open credit system.

Are we prioritising the humanities enough?

While Bangladesh does have institutions and university departments dedicated to humanities subjects, the lack in the foundational level in these areas makes learning at such institutions very challenging. 

The issue with A Level grade boundaries this year

A grade boundary is the minimum mark you require in order to achieve a particular grade.

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