The Allure of Studying Pure Science

Don’t pure science subjects deserve more attention? Should undergraduate students be more interested in pure sciences?

2d ago

Getting scholarships and waivers in private universities

Getting a scholarship at these institutes isn’t as complicated as most believe.

4d ago

The complex experience of academic guilt

Does everyone develop academic guilt the same way, and for the same reasons?

4d ago

Dhaka University Fund gets Tk 1.11 crore upon launching

DU launches initiative to mobilise funds for research and academic development

1w ago

What to expect as a first-year student of Law

Law can be an intimidating subject. From its student, it demands both a sharp memory and an even sharper set of critical thinking skills.

1w ago

Three tips for an effective group study session

How exactly do you make a group study session effective? 

2w ago

Things to know if you want to study business abroad

Pursuing a business degree abroad can be an enriching and transformative experience.

2w ago

Is it worth getting a double major?

Whether you’re a shell-shocked first-year student or a second-year student who is moderately seasoned, whether you should do a double major is a question you might be asking yourself. In Bangladesh, only private university students get the chance to complete a dual degree owing to the open credit system.

2w ago

Are we prioritising the humanities enough?

While Bangladesh does have institutions and university departments dedicated to humanities subjects, the lack in the foundational level in these areas makes learning at such institutions very challenging. 

3w ago

The issue with A Level grade boundaries this year

A grade boundary is the minimum mark you require in order to achieve a particular grade.

3w ago

The right way to choose your university

As another enrollment season is coming around, here are a few pointers to get you started.

4w ago

Why you need to know about contract cheating

Contract cheating is a process through which students (or academics) get original work done for them through a third party.

From the lab to the market: Opportunities in Biotech entrepreneurship

In Bangladesh, there’s an immense need for innovative biotechnology-based products for creating new jobs and introducing innovative solutions to problems specific to our country.

The Vivid World of Fine Arts

The pull of culture and creativity calls, luring you into a domain where imagination can run wild.

Implement anti-bullying policy: HC

The High Court today directed the authorities concerned to circulate and implement the anti-bullying policy, issued by the education ministry, in order to protect students from bullying at all academic institutions

Which university club is right for you?

There will be numerous options when you want to join a university club. But how do you make the right choice?

Why private universities need more buses

University transport services are a great initiative for students and something that most private universities should try to implement. 

Beyond the usual: Lesser-known destinations for studying abroad

While there are a handful of popular study abroad destinations, there is a plethora of lesser-known ones as well. .