Mahbub Hussain | The Daily Star
  • Mahbub Hussain

    Lecturer at ULAB and intense car enthusiast, he currently works as Sub-Editor for Shift. He is also the only one in the team now with a car that is actually fast. It was mostly the reason he was hired so he could give the boss an occasional chance to redline. He has mad skills at drawing cars and when he is not driving or writing about cars, he is sitting quietly looking at cars. He formerly worked for Fast Lane, a monthly automotive publication.

  • 2017 Mercedes Benz E200

    The latest Mercedes E class is a fantastic combination of style, road presence, luxury and comfort. We take out the E200 for a test drive to see how well it copes at being one of the most reputed executive sedans in the world, in Dhaka.
  • 2015 Honda S660

    What is nearly as small as a CNG auto-rickshaw, but has four wheels?
  • Smooth Lines: JZX100 Mark II Tourer V

    Shareq Abhtahee longed to build an X100, and it had to be a Mark II with the right bit of both the worlds – elegant, yet sporty.
  • Battle of the boxers: Subaru Impreza STI & WRX

    Two childhood friends and their obsession with cars and performance lead them to similar yet distinct results - two fun, reliable, quick Subarus.
  • Red Rocket: 1999 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI

    Adeeb Iqbal went from a heavily bodykitted FWD Corona nearly a decade ago to this tastefully built AWD Mitsubishi Evolution VI.