Eating out / Dining at LongHorn Steak & Pizza

The rustic walls decorated with pictures of jazz legends, pastoral Western images, abstract paintings, the signature horn, and charts explaining beef cuts and level of doneness, as well as yellow lights, create a cozy space at LongHorn Steak & Pizza.

eating out / Nawab Chatga: Four years and beyond

It seems like yesterday when I first walked into Nawab Chatga to delight my Chittagonian palate in Dhaka. And for someone who was born and raised in Chattogram, it did not fail to do that. Can’t believe it has been four years since then! Time flies.

Make a sweet little sin with The SweetSin Coffees

Found on the 8th floor of Navana GH Heights, this has become the go-to place for most coffee lovers in town, as well as the sweet-tooths out there always looking for a different form of dessert. Scrumptious waffles and coffees that feel like a hug are their specialty, but they also offer other dishes.


By introducing a well-known cuisine at its finest, 'Umbrella' gives us an insight into the food scenario in Thailand itself with the use of heart-warming flavours as well as showcasing their own Thai twists on many mainstream food dishes.

eating out / Meet the king of kababs: The Great Kabab Factory

Here to provide us with an authentic Indian kabab experience, The Great Kabab Factory has made its way into the heart of Bangladesh after spreading its smoky charred goodness in places such as Thailand and Oman.

eating out / The King's Whopper

It has been a long tiring day, the usual tedium of work, tension of getting to places on time, and meeting deadlines—seems life has finally caught you in its sombre reality of being an (apparent) adult? In that moment, imagine something that can bring a smile to your face, especially when accompanied by a grumpy hungry stomach?

Amaya: Re-launched for the ultimate culinary experience

Located in the heart of Dhaka, Amari's Amaya Food Gallery is hoping to change things up by launching their new dinner buffet, orchestrated by their new executive chef Jed Archdeacon. It has been merely six weeks since Chef Jed has taken charge of the kitchen in Amari, but he has already managed to change the entire culinary experience at Amaya.

Thai respite at Soi 71

Several years ago, Nashra Sakhawat, CEO of Soi 71, Fantasium, Source and a mother of two beautiful children, dreamt of having a family oriented Thai restaurant to create authentic Thai cuisine with a taste of the original street food found in Thailand. The dream came true in 2010 with the grand opening of Soi 71, a restaurant that has been thriving for the past eight years despite the obstacles thrown at their way.

Ramadan treats from Nando's and PEYALA Cafe

Like every year, once Ramadan begins, restaurants go all-out with their platters. And Nando's, with their Ramadan platters, have truly stood out with their “Feed your fire with ours” platters.

Ramadan offers from Food Chain Asia Ltd

Looking for restaurants to check out this Ramadan? Food Chain Asia Limited operates some of the most popular chains from abroad, and they have some great deals for both iftar and dinner across all four of their restaurants. Check out which one you like below.

Thali: House of Spices

Located on the 6th floor of Kazi and Ahmad Tower at Dhanmondi Road #2 (beside Shimanto Square), Thali has already won the hearts of its customers since its opening on 1 December, 2017.

GuruGuru Sushi

In a bid to satiate our never-ending cravings for Japanese cuisine, my friends and I stumbled into this quaint beauty of an eatery located in Banani.

Eat Street Evolution

And if you think this phenomenon is something new- an adaptation for the busy city dwellers who just can't make time for anything-

Shimanto Square: Haven for Foodies

When wanting to go out, be it for an outing, brunch with friends, a family outing, an evening drink, or just wanting to eat out...

Moka Bistro

Located in Banani 11, Moka Bistro is one of the hottest bistros in town. The open windows that surround the bistro allow the...

Let's go Upstairs

A very minimalist approach is taken in designing the décor of the restaurant; simple, yet elegant. Sleek, but not overbearing since it's a lounge and relaxation is the key.