All hail the egg!

Whether it is to add something familiar to the table spread, or to whip up something in the absence of anything in the fridge, the power of an egg is too numerous to mention.

For the perfect boil

Eggs are amazing in that they have been pre-packaged to keep. For our ancient ancestors they were a valuable source of protein and fats whenever they could 'find' them. The domestication of chickens, however, made eggs available all year round.

aappayon / Mutton delicacies

Rub the meat with yoghurt and leave it to marinate in the refrigerator for 8 hours or overnight. Return to room temperature before cooking it. Leave the salt until later as it tends to draw out the meat juices.

aappayon / KNOW YOUR GOAT

Whenever the Eid-ul-Azha comes around, there is a distinct shuffle of enthusiastic fingers on the keyboard looking for all those mouth-watering recipe tutorials on Youtube. But the first hurdle thrown by most recipes are the various cuts of meat. So let us dissect the issue, pun intended.

aappayon / The Emperor's Table in Osmani Style

Being Bengalis we often relish consuming rich food that resonates drooling, dripping masala and meat concoction. Here we have assembled few stunning dishes from the veteran recipe writer and food connoisseur Shawkat Osman only for your indulgence.

aappayon / Eid day specials

During the month of Ramadan Muslims observe strict fasts, and cap it off with a three-day joyous celebration of Eid on the first day of Shawwal in the Islamic calendar.

Sweet, Sweet release / Variations on Vermicelli

Heat ghee in a pot. Break the vermicelli into 10cm-long pieces and add to the pot. Cook until these turn dark in colour.

aappayon / Simple soul food

Put all the ingredients in a food-processor. Pour 2 cups water and grind or blend to a smooth liquid. Put mixture in sterilised jars and keep in a cool dark place. Use after two weeks. Refrigerate the jar after opening.

Vegetarian smash-ups

Lau is a fleshy, many-seeded fruit, commonly known as the bottle gourd and is available in a great variety of forms.

Fish tales!

The term 'makha' means to mingle or blend. All makha dishes do not go through the classical process of first making gravy in hot oil...

Mad about meat!

Soak peanuts, chickpeas and sesame seeds in plenty of water for 8 hours or overnight. Before cooking, drain and grind all three together.

Vegetables all the way

For the mixed vegetable yoghurt curry (korma) we have employed Sylheti/Assamese wild kakrol, Sylheti/Assamese squash and farmed Kakrol from the flat land, which are much smaller in size, nevertheless taste just the same.

A feast for kings

It is a celebration all-in-one dish, cooked only by the 'Dum Pookth' method, for special occasions like weddings and of course company and club AGMs.

Our home grown palate

The foundation of Bangla cooking depends not so much on special techniques or expensive ingredients, but on the flavourings, especially, locally grown herbs and spices.

Boishabi Celebrations

The last two days of Chaitra (the last month of the Bengali calendar) and the first day of Boishaki (Bengali New Year's Day), makes the three day combined festivities of the Boishabi revelry by the aadibasi tribes of Chittagong Hill Tracts.

Boishabi Celebrations

The newly married brides of the tribe serve the youths with homemade rice wine and encouragements.


The neem tree has diverse use in the traditional medicine and thus earned its just designation - 'Sorvo Rog Nivaroni' (the one that can cure all ailments).