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  • Supriti Sarkar

  • Dishing it platter style

    If food is at the heart of all celebrations, then what better way to do so then with a platter style buffet feast?
  • Curls of wisdom

    Take a good hard look at the mirror, at that lifeless, uncooperative mop on your head that has been through a decade’s worth of chemical products, treatments, heating tools, and resulted in frizzy, dry, brittle, and lacklustre locks.
  • Tales of shidur khela

    This is my first “shidur khela,” a ritual strictly for women, I see no reason as to why I have to go through this alone, while the amazing, tall, dark, smart partner gets to witness a different kind of red wedding in the making.
  • Merrymaking with java

    Today is International Coffee Day.
  • Sprouts that brave the dark

    Brighten up those little dark corners in your house with a little life. How so, you wonder?