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  • Celebrating Kumari Shakti

    Every year, as Hindus join in to celebrate and commemorate the Goddess Durga’s victory over Mahishashur, Bangladeshi Hindus flock towards Ram Krishna Mission to observe the largest Kumari Puja organised. This year, it happens to fall on Ashtami, 8 October, 2019.
  • Tales of shidur khela

    This is my first “shidur khela,” a ritual strictly for women, I see no reason as to why I have to go through this alone, while the amazing, tall, dark, smart partner gets to witness a different kind of red wedding in the making.
  • Merrymaking with java

    Today is International Coffee Day.
  • Sprouts that brave the dark

    Brighten up those little dark corners in your house with a little life. How so, you wonder?
  • Nabela Noor

    ‘Instagram’ famous celebrity Nabela Noor’s arrival, and her meet and greet event beckoned in social media celebrities on September 14, at the Lakeshore Hotel.