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  • Raised by the Mother

    My birthright was to become part of a faith that could trace its roots back to the earliest civilisations known to man, yet it always felt heavy on my shoulders. What my family constantly recounted to me as a privilege always made me feel like an outsider to the rest of the world, but it had less to do with being part of a minority community in this country and more to do with my upbringing.
  • Feasts of devotion: Durga Puja at home

    Growing up Durga Puja always felt like a much-dreaded annual feat. I would usually start pacing myself for the last four days that a younger hormonal me would sum in three words, “heat, traffic and gatherings”.
  • Durga Puja 2018

    The must-have fashion planner for Durga Puja

    When we think of October, besides the obvious never-ending heat and unforgiving bouts of rain, there is also Durga Puja to look forward to. The preparations start a month earlier with the changing architecture of the city, not just around the temples but everywhere else with mandaps (dias/stages) being erected and a festive feel sealing the air.
  • Tales of two foodies

    As two blokes sit at a coffee shop somewhere in Gulshan immersed in conversation over their love for all things food; in the midst of it, I hastily try to scribble note after note of their many anecdotes and the food adventures they've been on.
  • Dandruff remedies for the hunk!

    Use shampoo that contains salicylic acid and Vitamin E, which breaks up build up of dandruff, washing it away effortlessly and soothes the skin to reduce irritation respectively, making your scalp feel fresh.