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  • Bangladeshi fashion

    Summer on the Orient Route

    With almost nine months of amazing warmth, comfort is on the top of the list, but that does not mean your own style has to take a back seat. Put your best foot forward in the trendiest of summer looks that go easy not only on the skin, but mind too.
  • Man Mo- From soul to bowl

    As the oriental craze sweeps through the town, Man Mo joins the club as the latest and newest place in Gulshan 1 to visit if you are in the mood for some sushi or dim sums.
  • Blessed Sindur

    The story goes that Parvati performed tapas (meditation and fasting to achieve self-discipline spiritually) in order to marry Shiva who agreed upon the condition that Parvati had to sacrifice her third eye.
  • Bejewelled, Debonair

    As we gear up for the next trail of weddings to come, it is time to shine some of that light on men's wedding accessories. There is no doubt that South Asian weddings are all about the bride, but that does not mean grooms cannot be a part of that fun, right?
  • Millennial parenting

    While both parents work, the concept of a joint family has morphed into something unnatural in today's world. Not only do mum and dad have professional careers to maintain