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  • Supriti Sarkar

  • Celebrating Kumari Shakti

    Every year, as Hindus join in to celebrate and commemorate the Goddess Durga’s victory over Mahishashur, Bangladeshi Hindus flock towards Ram Krishna Mission to observe the largest Kumari Puja organised. This year, it happens to fall on Ashtami, 8 October, 2019.
  • Nabela Noor

    ‘Instagram’ famous celebrity Nabela Noor’s arrival, and her meet and greet event beckoned in social media celebrities on September 14, at the Lakeshore Hotel.
  • Up close and personal with Nabela

    It was some random night, while swiping through Instagram stories, and I saw Nabela Noor light up my screen and announce she was flying to Dhaka for a meet and greet on 14 September at the Lakeshore Hotel.
  • Understated elegance— Chondon Jewellery Exhibition

    As Star Lifestyle enters into the last quarter of the year, running strong on promoting all things local; #deshialways, Chondon marks its 10-year celebration of its jewellery line with an exhibition, held from 19-21 September, at their very own showroom.
  • Brunch and Ice-cream all day!

    While The White Canary Café is a local concern and business, Marble Slab Creamery Bangladesh is an international franchise; both operate simultaneously under the Shanta Multiverse Limited, in addition to also having separate branches in Banani 11 and Shanta Tower, Tejgaon, accordingly.