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  • Supriti Sarkar

  • Sprouts that brave the dark

    Brighten up those little dark corners in your house with a little life. How so, you wonder?
  • Nabela Noor

    ‘Instagram’ famous celebrity Nabela Noor’s arrival, and her meet and greet event beckoned in social media celebrities on September 14, at the Lakeshore Hotel.
  • Up close and personal with Nabela

    It was some random night, while swiping through Instagram stories, and I saw Nabela Noor light up my screen and announce she was flying to Dhaka for a meet and greet on 14 September at the Lakeshore Hotel.
  • Understated elegance— Chondon Jewellery Exhibition

    As Star Lifestyle enters into the last quarter of the year, running strong on promoting all things local; #deshialways, Chondon marks its 10-year celebration of its jewellery line with an exhibition, held from 19-21 September, at their very own showroom.
  • Brunch and Ice-cream all day!

    While The White Canary Café is a local concern and business, Marble Slab Creamery Bangladesh is an international franchise; both operate simultaneously under the Shanta Multiverse Limited, in addition to also having separate branches in Banani 11 and Shanta Tower, Tejgaon, accordingly.