Wind down at The Base Camp

Photo: The Base Camp, Bangladesh

There isn't much to do entertainment-wise in Dhaka, unless you plan ahead based on the next "incidental" three-day long weekend.

The real struggle living in Dhaka is how to make the most of those small 24-hour breaks without succumbing to the circle of eating out or watching yet another movie on the big screen.

This is where the philosophy of The Base Camp, Bangladesh comes in; located in Gojariapara, Gazipur, the facility has started work to establish the country's first camp ground, in addition to providing various on-tree and ground-based activities.

Truly verdant, The Base Camp's colour scheme is predominantly green, green and more green, harmonising between nature and the man-made structures all around. Enjoy learning archery, tree-top activities with one of the many skilled trainers available during the activities, or just collapse onto the green grass after completing the tyre run or a round of human foosball with friends. Basecamp in every context prioritises the safety of its clients and that is easily perceived in the way the team deals with the well-being of its guests.

Photo: The Base Camp, Bangladesh

For those who love to swim or just thrash around in any water body, the pool at The Base Camp is a must! Unlike most commercial pools, the water is pumped from deep earthed wells, meaning it is chlorine free and will not sting your eyes. Attached to the pool is also a small kiddy pool for infants and young children to take part in all the fun as well. But if you aren't in the mood to get drenched, you can just order a refreshing mocktail and enjoy the cool summer breeze with soothing music playing in the background.  

It is the perfect combination of relaxation and fun physical activities, perfect for not just families, but friends, as well as corporate team-building events.

Accommodations include, bungalow rooms located inside the main building, along with a conference room, nature rooms (non-AC) and tents for a fun camping experience. People staying in the outdoors are expected to get closer to nature and that means a completely different sort of experience than five-star hotels. So, if you are expecting, the comfort of the AC and zero bugs than choosing the bungalow is your best bet.

Photo: The Base Camp, Bangladesh

Based on how long or short your trip is, the food prepared at The Base Camp is mouth-watering enough to bring you back. All food prepared at The Base Camp is local, fresh and minimally spiced, which allows guests to appreciate the simple but delectable natural flavours of the dishes themselves, and a must try is their barbecue menu, where the meat is prepped and cooked on an outside grill, and from there, it goes straight onto your plate and into your tummy! 

So, what makes Base Camp so special? It is the perfect place to engage in a variety of activities that the establishment offers, such as camping in the outdoors, zip-lining, tree-top activities, off-road cycling, archery, swimming, an outdoor rainforest shower and many more. In addition to the amazing staff and the hospitality provided, The Base Camp is an amazing destination from all the stress, hustle and bustle of the city life— and all of that just a short drive from Dhaka. 


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