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  • Depression and the mind

    Wake up in the morning, get dressed, scarf down your breakfast, and get to work as fast as you can, only to rush back home hours later. Insert days of socialising here and there and that is what life has become.
  • Know your coffee

    From cappuccinos to macchiatos, coffee lovers out there are very much familiar with the caffeinated drinks’ very own lingo. Here is a quick guide, not just for newbies, but also the coffee connoisseurs looking to try out something new.
  • Shine every day, everywhere!

    Although gold has its own timeless place in terms of its value and grandiosity; when it comes to everyday wear, it is easier to accessorise with silver pieces as it is understated and less flashy.
  • Video on the Bangladesh Women’s Team: Flagbearers of a nation’s pride

    A poignant video highlighting the struggles and achievement of Bangamata Sheikh Fazilatunnesa Mujib and how her life can be an inspiration for a generation of youth has been made by Gazi Shubhro
  • For the love of fish and rice

    To many, the idea of consuming uncooked fish can still be daunting, while others will jokingly refer to the adage “machhe bhaate Bangalee” -- implying that the Bengali love for fish and rice combo has found another outlet through sushi.