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  • Weaving in a legacy of traditions

    The time and effort that goes into picking the perfect gift for him/her and the feeling that follows when they acknowledge it is immeasurable. It doesn’t always have to be something over the top expensive and grand, more often than not, it’s the thought that counts
  • panache bags

    Bag on the panache

    All bags are amazing, and as a young budding fashionista, the eternal obsession with bags for this one bloomed at a very young age and that fire still burns.
  • Helping yourself GLOW in summer

    Metallic eyeshadows are in but remember to practice restraint. Just the tiniest of metallic sheen is all you need. Finish the eye off with minimal or brown liner and maximum mascara. A personal favourite is pairing a light coloured eye-shadow with a different coloured mascara
  • Horse and Horse: Your next stop for decadence and opulence

    A place most popularly known for its opulent décor and Instagram worthy pictures, Horse and Horse is a brand that offers luxury at an affordable price to its clientele. The food is just as grand as the place.Horse and Horse has a well-developed menu that offers just the right number
  • Sushi Samurai’s iftar buffet

    In the mad frenzy that are Ramadan iftar offers, it often becomes difficult to decide which one to pick. After all, a dissatisfying meal after the anticipation and deliberation over myriad complicated offers is not pleasant. To save you some time, here is our review of Sushi Samurai