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  • Baby's first morsel

    The literal translation of the Sanskrit word means 'food feeding' or 'eating food,' but in the Bengal regions, it is more commonly known as “Mukhey bhaat.”
  • Sunsets & Pearls

    With the azure sky kissing the horizon and warm sea breeze flowing through our hair, one could not help but ignore their calming effects on the senses and come to the only natural conclusion
  • Offerings to the Divine

    As possessive as we are of our culinary heritage, temple food is an excitement at a whole other level and definitely a notch higher in our domineering attitude to every dish in the roshui-ghor!
  • Raised by the Mother

    My birthright was to become part of a faith that could trace its roots back to the earliest civilisations known to man, yet it always felt heavy on my shoulders. What my family constantly recounted to me as a privilege always made me feel like an outsider to the rest of the world, but it had less to do with being part of a minority community in this country and more to do with my upbringing.
  • Feasts of devotion: Durga Puja at home

    Growing up Durga Puja always felt like a much-dreaded annual feat. I would usually start pacing myself for the last four days that a younger hormonal me would sum in three words, “heat, traffic and gatherings”.