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  • Restoring abodes and memories

    When architect Kazi Fida was roped in by his partner Md Abdul Awyal onto the project that they aptly came to name 'Jamil Residence,' they
  • Vintage celebrations

    For this week, we choose to highlight a vintage themed tea party hosted by the popular socialite Rupo Shams at Bay's Edge Water Gallery on 12 January.
  • Hello Honey

    You never fail to hear about all the adversities related to consuming refined sugar, which has created a large demand for the artificial kinds, which itself, is not much healthier. There is, however, a natural sweetener with more benefits than one can list; honey.
  • Wedding Photography Etiquettes

    Photographs are meant to capture special, yet fleeting moments to be cherished later on. It might seem simple enough to hold up a smartphone and click away, but
  • Wedding Photography explained

    So listen carefully to the following advice brought to you by this current bridezilla; those who choose to tread the matrimonial path-- your wedding is not just a milestone in your life (also applicable to those who plan on becoming repeat offenders) and thus, the importance of photographs to preserve those fleeting moments of wedding bliss can, and should never be doubted.