Merrymaking with java

Today is International Coffee Day.

Today is a day of positivity, celebrating the amazing goodness, content, and sanity that one sip of java can only provide.

Today there's no such thing as too much coffee.

There's no better way to celebrate than to head towards the eight-year-old, local coffee franchise that started off as a little shop, tucked away in the hustle and bustle of Pragati Sharani; Northend Coffee Roasters.

Spanning nine branches, with the most recent one having opened up all the way in Ukhiya, there's no stopping this franchise.

So, the question that arises from all of this is, what is Northend's secret? Is it just their blend or something more?

As Md. Faruk Hossain, Area Manager of Northend Coffee Roasters, sips on his piping hot Americano, he smiles and says, "There's no secret." He has been with the company two months since its inception and has never looked back. "One cup of coffee, one customer, one service and one experience. That's what every employee, be that me, the barista, or the server that waits on you, believes here. Consistency in other words," Hossain says.

That truly is the one thing we take for granted at this coffee joint. It cannot be easy to always smile, but that's exactly what every customer receives when interacting with the staff.

If service is one half of the heart, then their coffee blends and drinks, to their menu that consists of a range of sweet and savouries, is the other part.

Hossain informs that there were hours spent researching to create a range of sweet, strong, and earthy flavours — so that everyone had something to choose from, even for those who weren't necessarily coffee drinkers (bless their souls).  In fact, customers can also request for different blends that their baristas will happily grind up for the drink ordered. Your coffee cannot get any fresher than that!

In order to truly grasp the layers of flavour that come through in a blend, the best way to do so is by ordering an espresso; then again, this short strong shot of coffee (minus the sugar and milk) is an acquired taste.

While their Mocha is probably one of the best amongst other coffee joints in Dhaka, its other caffeine counterparts such as their cappuccinos and lattes are just as popular, in addition to which, Northend has just introduced a selected range of pour over options as well.

Joining in with the celebrations today, Northend Coffee Roasters is promoting their "Celebrate with a friend" campaign, so book that uber ride to your nearest Northend branch folks!

Happy International Coffee Day!


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