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  • Sad, shocked but mostly puzzled

    “I cannot imagine what I am dealing with. I can only say that it’s not normal.”
  • Look at the real fault lines

    The grand corporate boardrooms, lush-green cricket fields and financial affluence does not necessarily guarantee good governance in cricket. However, it is believed that only strong governance can ensure long-term benefit in the modern era.
  • Adopting the Mullah’s wisdom

    We all know about the witty, wise and philosophical Mullah Nasruddin, a Persian character who appears in thousands of humorous stories. A well-known tale relates how judge Nasruddin was listening to a case and, after hearing the plaintiff’s deposition, remarked,
  • ‘Groundsmen ruined the match for us’

    Afghanistan A alleged that an ‘unprofessional’ approach by the groundsmen in the fourth one-dayer denied them a series victory against Bangladesh A. The fourth game of the five-match series was abandoned due to rain at BKSP last Saturday, and the 62-run
  • Future, not past the yardstick for selectors

    How can we measure the performance of the selectors? There are no standard indicators by which we can identify the success or failure of a selection committee. That is why the selectors always try to remind us that they are actually performing a thankless job as