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  • 21 August grenade attack case verdict on October 10

    Aug 21 attack verdict: Babar, 30 accused taken to Dhaka court

    A total of 31 accused of August 21 grenade attack cases including former state minister for home Lutfozzaman Babar and former deputy minister Abdus Salam Pintu are being shifted to a Dhaka court from Kashimpur High Security Prison in Gazipur as the court is set to deliver its verdict in the cases.

  • August 21 grenade attack case verdict

    All set for verdicts

    The government takes stringent security measures in Dhaka city as a special court is set to deliver August 21 grenade case verdict.

  • August 21 attack

    Aug 21 Attack: How powerful were the grenades

    According to the charge sheet of the case Huji leader Tajuddin, leader of banned militant outfit Harkat-ul-Jihad Bangladesh (Huji) supplied 15 grenades. Among the bombs, 14 were thrown at the AL rally on Aug 21, 2004. 3 were found unexploded and another one was found near the old central jail in Dhaka.

  • Joj Mia drama: ‘The real deal’

    In a mockery to justice, the then ruling BNP-led alliance government in 2004 hurriedly concluded the investigation into the August 21 grenade attack on an Awami League rally at Dhaka’s Bangabandhu Avenue, claiming that it was orchestrated by none other than AL men.

  • 21 August Grenade Attack on Awami League Rally

    Aug 21 grenade blasts: Witnesses’ accounts

    In the wake of the heinous grenade blasts launched by Islamist militants on the then opposition Awami League’s rally on August 21, 2004 that left 24 people killed and over 400 others injured, witnesses and survivors share their accounts of the day, narrating the horror they experienced as the attack unfolded.

  • Aug 21 Grenade Attack Cases: Trial completes after 14 years

    Trial of the August 21 grenade attack cases have been completed and its verdicts are set to be delivered on October 10.