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  • Pooja Sengupta

    I have always wanted to be Pooja Sengupta - Pooja Sengupta

    Pooja Sengupta is one of the known faces in Bangladesh's dance scene. 2018 was a quite busy year for her. As a Bangladeshi, she was the first dancer to have performed in Philippines and China. There, she has received the praise of many. While conversing with Star Showbiz, she was telling these stories.

  • Actress Puja Cherry

    I Could Not Have Asked for a Better Year - Puja Cherry

    Puja Cherry is a perfect match to the saying – she came, she saw, she conquered! Three of her films spiralled through the country's cineplexes all over the year. The sensual diva already seems to have taken a firm grip on her career's steering wheel, as she boldly proved her caliber with 'Noorjahan', 'Poramon 2' and 'Dohon'. Her next film 'Prem Amar 2' is set to hit the big screens in the upcoming year.

  • All-Rounder Rumana Ahmed

    I have never thought about anything outside of cricket : Rumana Ahmed (All-rounder/Captain ODI)

    I work hard for success. This is actually an ordinary concept. For succeeding in life, one must work extremely hard. Although I have not fully succeeded yet, any good news pleases me immensely.

  • Bangladeshi Drama Actor Tawsif Mahbub

    People Enjoy Watching Romantic Dramas - Tawsif Mahbub

    This year went very well for me. I spent a lot of time with my family this year, that's why I didn't do many projects this year. My wife noticed that and told me to pay more attention to my work, as I had not been giving enough attention to my projects for the previous two or three months.

  • Victory Only Comes After Hardship - Maria Manda

    Maria Manda, the talented midfielder is one of the best footballers in Bangladeshi women's football. She was the captain of the Bangladeshi under-15 team that won the 'South Asian Football Federation (SAFF) Cup'.

  • Bangladeshi Cricketer Liton Das

    Hard Work Increases Scope for Success - Liton Das

    To me success is like a stairway I am climbing. I also see it as an inspiration to do more. Something that will make me more interested in doing something.

  • I Could Convert My Fear into My Strength - Anam Biswas

    'Debi' has been in the watchlist of perhaps every single Bengali film lover in 2018. The screen adaptation of prominent author Humayun Ahmed's novel created a mass sensation before it was even released. Even though it starred actors like Jaya Ahsan and Chanchal Chowdhury, debutant director Anam Biswas did not fail to attract the spotlight, as his exquisite efforts behind the camera hardly went unnoticed.

  • Filmmaker Suborna Senjutee

    Films Should Remain Beyond Contractual Confinements - Suborna Senjutee

    The beginning half of the year 2018 had been rather stressful for me. I was not entirely sure of my plans and proceedings.

  • Joler Gaan Voacalist Rahul Ananda

    Songs are Only a Part of the Supreme Quintessence of Music - Rahul Ananda

    One of the members of the infamous troupe 'Joler Gaan', Rahul Ananda holds his sincere expertise, be it writing lyrics, doing tunes or crafting musical instruments. He has been a long time member of the theatres as well. Band 'Joler Gaan' has now reached its 12th year of creating wondrous music that carries the smell of our motherland. And Rahul Ananda has been nominated as the singer under the spotlight for 2018.

  • In conversation with Towhida Srabonno

    Towhida Srabonno is a successful model, actor, presenter and doctor. The versatile talent is currently busy hosting cricket shows on TV. In a recent interview with Star Showbiz, Towhida talks about her busy life.