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  • In conversation with Towhida Srabonno

    Towhida Srabonno is a successful model, actor, presenter and doctor. The versatile talent is currently busy hosting cricket shows on TV. In a recent interview with Star Showbiz, Towhida talks about her busy life.

  • Finding Bangladesh With Adnan M S Fakir

    I am an Economist by profession and a documentary filmmaker by passion. I am presently pursuing my doctoral studies in Economics at the University of Western


    First and foremost, theatre is not the work of an individual; rather it is collaborative form of fine art by a group of performers. So, I cannot alone take it towards overarching glory.

  • Tête-à-tête with the beautiful Nadia

    Back then, it was like a hobby for me. Over the years it has turned into my passion and profession. At the beginning, I was not much into acting; rather dance used

  • Anam Biswas

    In an interview with Rafi Hossain, the 'Debi' director talks about his debut film and his experience as a first time film director.

  • A cup of tea with Reshmi

    There's not much about me to share. An enthusiast singer, a music lover, that is how I would like to introduce myself. My favorite pass time is listening to music and the work I love to do the most is singing.

  • 'Pessimism has its own rare kind of escapade!' - Iresh Zaker

    There's a project of an anthology of short films based on Dhaka city. I had been acting in that. I have also done some dramas for Eid-ul-Adha, with directors like Shihab Shaheen and Tuhin Hossain.

  • Bangladeshi actor Shahriar Nazim Joy

    Joy's Ploys

    People are always curious about the personal lives of famous celebrities. Regular updates are easily available on TV and social media. But people want more; they want to pry into the darkest corners of the lives of celebrities to find out more about them and shows like Sense of Humor satiate these innate curiosities of the people.

  • Ferdous Bappy

    Ferdous Bappy

    I am currently working on my regular show Quiz Quiz on BTV. I have been a part of this show for about a decade now, and it is very popular among the people of the country. On BanglaVision, I host a program called Shokal Belar Roddur, which is a celebrity talk-show. I also do a lot of musical programs on different TV channels.

  • An Interview with Sahana Rahman Sumi

    I'm usually very picky about my work, and I only do a project when the script is to my liking. A recent production that we did was Tragedy Polashbari, which is really being appreciated by the audience. An advertisement that I did in tribute to International Mother Language day really could touch the heart of people countrywide and I am grateful for that. Last year, I was in a short film named Story of Golapi, and that was very well-received too. Besides these, I am working as a drama teacher in Scholastica.