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  • Popcorn Highlights

    The Sinner is a crime-drama anthology series, following the life of a detective as he investigates mysterious crimes and uncovers many secrets. It
  • Popcorn Highlights

    Love 101 is a Turkish teen drama on Netflix. It has been directed by Ahmet Katıksız, produced by Kerem Çatay, and stars Mert Yazıcıoglu,
  • FOOD for thought

    During this unprecedented crisis, everyone from the entertainment industry is trying to keep themselves safe and also others safe by staying indoors.
  • Popcorn Highlights

    Sweet Magnolias is a romance drama web television series on Netflix, which has been based on the eponymous novels by Sherryl Woods.
  • Centre Stage

    I think I’m just doing what everyone else is doing; nothing special. I’m doing household chores. Mostly, I’m just waiting and praying for all of this to be over so that we can go back to our previous way of life.