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    Uncut Gems is a thriller film, following the life of a jeweller, who has to balance his family and career, while drowning in debt because
  • HEERA On Silver Screen

    Rafi Hossain: Welcome to Uncensored with Rafi Hossain. Today, we are here with popular model and actor Heera. Heera, you recently finished shooting for a film. Could you tell us more about that?
  • Popcorn Highlights

    Don’t F**k With Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer is a true crime documentary series on Netflix. It has been written and directed by Mark Lewis, presented by John Green, and produced by Felicity Morris.
  • Nirob

    Can you describe yourself in three words?
  • Popular Actress Tanjin Tisha

    Tanjin Tisha

    Tanjin Tisha has impressed the masses with her exceptional acting skills in a very short period of time. With the start of the new-year, she wants to move forward with new thoughts and ideas. She said, “2019 was a great year for me as I made a lot of achievements.