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World Letter Writing Day / Who wrote the most letters?

On this World Letter Writing Day, I was wondering who wrote the highest number of letters in a day. I think you might say, Rabindranath Tagore, as he is said to have written several thousand letters throughout his life. However, the record for writing the most letters in a day is held by the fam

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Alimuddin’s graveyard: A family legacy of helping the poor

Around 150 years ago, Haji Alimuddin’s late father established a family graveyard on an acre of land in what is now the capital’s Baridhara block-G

Trial drags on for 24 years: Man has no strength left for legal battle

As his name was called out, Ahad Ali stepped inside the courtroom and stood in the dock with both hands pressed together in a gesture of mercy, staring at the judge with pleading eyes.

Mega Dreams Coming True This Year

From the longest railroad bridge to the first-ever metro lines and underwater tunnel, these infrastructural undertakings with billion-dollar price tags will help Bangladesh in its bid to attain the status of a developed country by 2041.

Assumed dead, woman returned to family from Nepal after 22 years

Twenty-two years ago, Ameena Khatun of Bogura’s Dhunot upazila went missing. Her three sons and a daughter could not find her and assumed that their mother was no longer alive.

Moment of pride as Captain and her SI father salute each other in Rangpur

A photo of a father and daughter -- in police and army uniforms -- saluting each other went viral on Facebook yesterday, touching the hearts of netizens.

Pandemic chronicles: No tourists mean no money to feed the horses of Cox’s Bazar beach

Chancing upon tourists horseback riding along the beaches of Cox’s Bazar would have been a common sight during the bustling tourist season. But not anymore.

‘Mehmankhana’ shares joy of Eid with 6,000 low-income people 

‘Mehmankhana’, an initiative by a group of volunteers in Dhaka’s Lalmatia, made special arrangements to feed low-income people on the occasion of holy Eid-ul-Azha. 

Hypochondriac and OCD during the pandemic

The pandemic has significantly impacted overall mental health of the general population. Extent and severity of symptoms would vary from person to person, depending on the balance between adversities of life and available resources to cope with it.

Artists create e-waste 'Mount Recyclemore' for G7

Artists Joe Rush and Alex Wreckage created the sculpture nicknamed "Mount Recyclemore" of the leaders of the G7 out of electronic waste to highlight the huge amount of tech and gadgets that goes unrecycled globally each year.

Delhi govt allows home delivery of alcohol via app, website

The Delhi government has allowed home delivery of alcohol under changed excise rules.

Indian YouTuber arrested for trying to make dog ‘fly’ with helium balloons

Delhi police arrested a local YouTuber who in one of his videos tied his pet dog to several helium gas balloons in a bid to make it “fly”.

Indian couple’s mid-air wedding: airline to take action over flouting Covid-19 protocols

A couple got married mid-air in the presence of guests and relatives onboard a SpiceJet airlines’ chartered flight on May 23 morning, in alleged violation of Covid-19 social distancing norms -- forcing Indian civil aviation authorities to take the entire cabin crew off duty.

BJP leader Rawat says coronavirus 'has right to live like rest of us'

Former Uttarakhand state Chief Minister and Bharatiya Janata Party leader Trivendra Singh Rawat has termed coronavirus as a "living organism which has a right to live", sparking troll on social media.

Italian woman accidentally given six shots of Covid-19 vaccine

A 23-year-old Italian woman was under observation in a hospital in Tuscany after receiving six doses of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine in error, news agency AGI reported on Monday (May 10).

Last wild Macaw in Rio is lonely and looking for love

Some have claimed she’s indulging a forbidden romance. More likely, loneliness compels her to seek company at Rio de Janeiro’s zoo.

Woman living in mud hut with no electricity elected MLA in West Bengal polls

Chandana Bauri, wife of a daily wage earner, grabbed spotlight and social media attention in West Bengal after announcement of the assembly polls result on May 2.

Be at peace, meditate, Trump Buddha statue designer tells former US president

Chinese furniture maker Hong Jinshi first created a couple of pint-sized statues of former US president Donald Trump meditating in a Buddhist pose as a fun project for himself last year.