Special Read

Special Read

Dubai floods / Thousands of Bangladeshis stranded at Dhaka, Dubai airports

Several thousand Bangladeshi passengers remained stranded at the Dubai and Dhaka airports for the last two days as flights to and from Dubai got delayed or cancelled due to unprecedented flooding in the Middle East country

1m ago

From outlaws to flower growers

Former members of outlawed groups in Jhenidah rebuild their lives as flower growers.

2m ago

'Genuine' SSC, HSC certificates for sale!

System analyst at technical education board admits to selling over 5,000 of those in a couple of years

2m ago

Counterfeiting currency / Learning from YouTube, he sells them on Facebook

The gang planned to circulate Tk 50 lakh worth of fake currency before Eid

2m ago

Why many countries are trying a four-day work week

The Dominican Republic announced this week that they would be launching a six-month voluntary trial for a four-day work week

4m ago

Shaheed Asad: The spark that lit a fuse in 1969

One must understand the butterfly effect to grasp the significance of Shaheed Asad in the history of Bangladesh. In early 1969, uniting the ideologically diverse group of opposition political parties in East Pakistan would have been the foremost thought in the minds of activists across the country

4m ago

Why December 21 is the longest night of the year

The Winter Solstice is a significant astronomical event in many cultures, marking the official middle of winter in many temperate regions, while in other places it’s considered the start of winter

5m ago

For the love of fountain pens

Sitting at his store in Dhaka’s Baitul Mukarram market, Mostofa Kamal Pasha was tinkering with a desk fountain pen that used to be a symbol of aristocracy decades back.

6m ago

Who wrote the most letters?

On this World Letter Writing Day, I was wondering who wrote the highest number of letters in a day. I think you might say, Rabindranath Tagore, as he is said to have written several thousand letters throughout his life. However, the record for writing the most letters in a day is held by the fam

9m ago

Alimuddin’s graveyard: A family legacy of helping the poor

Around 150 years ago, Haji Alimuddin’s late father established a family graveyard on an acre of land in what is now the capital’s Baridhara block-G

1y ago

Trial drags on for 24 years: Man has no strength left for legal battle

As his name was called out, Ahad Ali stepped inside the courtroom and stood in the dock with both hands pressed together in a gesture of mercy, staring at the judge with pleading eyes.

2y ago

Mega Dreams Coming True This Year

From the longest railroad bridge to the first-ever metro lines and underwater tunnel, these infrastructural undertakings with billion-dollar price tags will help Bangladesh in its bid to attain the status of a developed country by 2041.

2y ago

Assumed dead, woman returned to family from Nepal after 22 years

Twenty-two years ago, Ameena Khatun of Bogura’s Dhunot upazila went missing. Her three sons and a daughter could not find her and assumed that their mother was no longer alive.

2y ago

Moment of pride as Captain and her SI father salute each other in Rangpur

A photo of a father and daughter -- in police and army uniforms -- saluting each other went viral on Facebook yesterday, touching the hearts of netizens.

2y ago

Pandemic chronicles: No tourists mean no money to feed the horses of Cox’s Bazar beach

Chancing upon tourists horseback riding along the beaches of Cox’s Bazar would have been a common sight during the bustling tourist season. But not anymore.

2y ago

‘Mehmankhana’ shares joy of Eid with 6,000 low-income people 

‘Mehmankhana’, an initiative by a group of volunteers in Dhaka’s Lalmatia, made special arrangements to feed low-income people on the occasion of holy Eid-ul-Azha. 

2y ago

Land acquisition for park: Villagers in Barishal constructing structures to receive more money

Several hundreds of people are allegedly rushing to construct concrete structures at a village in Barishal where the government plans to acquire land for a recreational park.

2y ago

Rebeka Walie’s 15th death anniversary

Tomorrow is the 15th death anniversary of Rebeka Walie, wife of late ATM Walie Ashraf, who was a freedom fighter, lawmaker of Brahmanbaria-6 and founder editor of Janomot Newsweekly, London.  

2y ago
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