Musk and Zuck will fight each other in an "epic" Italian spot

Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg long anticipated MMA fight is now set to take place in Italy, with the exact location yet to be disclosed, as confirmed by Musk's Twitter (Now called X) post. The event will be promoted by their respective foundations and streamed on Twitter and Meta platforms. All proceeds generated from the fight will be donated to veterans.

Google is developing an AI that can write news stories

Google is reportedly developing an AI tool under the working title 'Genesis' that aims to generate news stories when supplied with event details.

Most downloaded Quran apps right now

For Muslims worldwide, one of the most essential apps is the Quran app. Here are some of the most downloaded Quran apps right now.

From digital Qurans to daily Hadiths, check out the best free Islamic apps

For Muslims around the world, there are a plethora of free Islamic apps available that help them to stay connected to their faith and stay on top of their religious obligations. In this article, we will explore some of the best free Islamic apps available on the market.

Zoom’s hand gesture recognition now available on desktop apps

Zoom, the video-calling software, has recently introduced the gesture recognition feature to its desktop version.

BYTES / ThiefGuard helps to protect Smartphone from theft

A local technology-based company Softalogy Limited has launched an Android app called ThiefGuard to protect smartphones from thieves. The app will assist in identifying and regain lost devices. The app officially launched last Thursday, according to a press release issued by the company.

BYTES / India open to launching own app store as start-ups criticise Google

India is open to launching its own mobile app store or expanding an existing one if it receives enough demand from domestic firms for an alternative to Apple and Google platforms, a senior government official said on Thursday. launches new app

Recently, online-based tuition site ‘’ launched a new Android app. The app comes with the option of creating tutors profile, getting the direction of the student’s residence, apply for tuition, undo the application, etc.

TopUp starts journey

TopUp, an app for all bill payment solution, launched recently. Right now the app supports mobile recharge only but it will soon introduce options to purchase bus tickets, train tickets, and movie tickets and pay bills of utility services like WASA, DESCO, Titas Gas and many more.

Become your own financial manager

Are you more equipped at spending money than saving it? Do you find yourself with surprisingly less money in the middle of the month than the amount you started off with in the first week? Do you wish you had a personal accountant who would handle your finances for free? If so, then these financial tracking and budget planning apps are made for you.

Three apps for last minute exam prep

Socratic is a great tool to have around if you're having trouble with concepts and graphs. The app lets you take pictures of an excerpt

Manage your files better with these three apps

It's difficult to keep track of files even more so when you've got a ton of stuff on your device, just collecting dust. Copies of photos, old videos you forgot about, all of it is taking up what would otherwise be useful space for your device. This is why it's always best to have a file filtering app for your phone in the case of space shortage and slowdowns.

Gyms hate these 3 fitness apps Find out why

The idea of going to a gym might come easily to most, but the act of actually going through the motions of the institution is anything but. However, there are a plethora of Fitness Apps available for smartphones these days with the help of which anyone can look good while flexing in front of a mirror. These apps are in no way a substitute for a proper gym or a trainer. But for those who can't find the time to go to a gym, these 3 apps are a good place to start.

Making a game out of your tasks

Productivity apps help you organise your daily routine, assist you with focusing and makes sure that all of your tasks are kept on track.

What's the right photo editing app for you?

With thousands of photo editing apps out there, and the app store not making it any easier for you with its endless scroll of

Diagnosing skin cancer: Software as good as doctors, says study

Image-scanning software developed at Stanford University can distinguish deadly skin cancers from benign ones as accurately as top dermatologists, according to a study.

GPAY: Grameenphone's very own payment tool

To make the lives of its customers easier, Grameenphone Ltd. has re-launched its wallet service with a new brand name - 'GPAY' – a digitized and smart way to avail GP's existing range of payment services. GPAY Wallet lets customers pay their utility bills, FlexiLoad to their own (or other) GP numbers, and purchase train tickets straight from their handset. To avail these services, customers can now refill their GPAY Wallets from nearby MobiCash retail outlets or from selected GPAY partner bank accounts: DBBL Rocket Mobile Banking Account, AB Bank core banking account, Islami Bank mCash account or internet banking.

EATL & Prothom Alo begins countrywide campus activation for biggest app competition ever

The country’s largest mobile app development competition platform is coming back this year, and every year this app competition by EATL gets bigger and better. With the intent of bringing out the apps developed by the youth to a global platform, the first app store in Bangladesh, EATL begins it’s journey followed by this year’s Prothom Alo App Competition 2016. Ethics Advanced Technologies Limtied (EATL) and Prothom Alo have organised the competition for the fourth time beginning on the 24th of May this year. The second part of the campaign was launched on the 18th of July with campus activation and seminars in Universities around the country.

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