Become your own financial manager

Are you more equipped at spending money than saving it? Do you find yourself with surprisingly less money in the middle of the month than the amount you started off with in the first week? Do you wish you had a personal accountant who would handle your finances for free? If so, then these financial tracking and budget planning apps are made for you.

Money Manager

This app lets you track your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly net balance. Every time you spend money, you can add that to your expense tab on the go. The same goes for your income tab. You can also select the type of transaction you had, be it via cash, credit card or other forms of money transfers. To check how well you've been maintaining your finances, by seeing your stats income and expenses stats. There are also graphs that show the amount you've been spending on a particular commodity over a course of time.



Wallet allows you to keep track of how much money you have in your literal and metaphorical wallet in terms of cash other financial accounts you hold. You can input the amount of physical cash you have into its system, sync the app with your bank account or draw data from an Excel sheet that contains details on your finances. The app also lets you plan future payments, shopping lists and allows you to set up budget and savings plans. You can use a security code to make sure no one can go through your records in case you lose your phone.



If you don't want something that is too complicated and needs something very rudimentary, then this app is perfect for you. The app lets you set goals on savings and each time you save money you input that data. You can set various goals in the form of savings and making payments and keep track of it through a very simple interface. You can also select from a range of currencies other than BDT which can come in handy if you are going on a trip abroad. This app is fast and easy for those who want to set records of their savings or due payments.


All these apps are meant to assist you with spending smartly and will help you save more. So hopefully these will help rid you of all your financial woes.