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  • BYLC hosts 6th Youth Leadership Summit

    On July 11, 2019, Bangladesh Youth Leadership Centre (BYLC) hosted Youth Leadership Summit 2019, which was its sixth instalment since its inception in 2011. The three-day-long summit kicked off in Bangabandhu International Conference Centre, in Agargaon.
  • The Entrepreneurs of Today

    The world as we know it is now massively influenced by entrepreneurs. In the last few decades, Bangladesh itself has experienced a boom in start-up culture. These businesses have not only found success in existing industries but many businesses have helped create new industries altogether.
  • Celebrations of International Jazz Day 2019

    On April 30, 2019, celebrations of International Jazz Day took place at 138 East in Gulshan. The show welcomed jazz enthusiasts from all over Dhaka to witness performances by Imran Ahmed Trio...
  • Romanticism and Gothicism through literature and arts

    The second day of the event included the cultural competition, where students from five different universities presented their interpretations of Romanticism and Gothicism through poetry
  • Cafe CAF: Of fresh brews and all-day breakfasts

    There are a few things that make a coffee shop worth spending time at—a cosy atmosphere, good music, a delicious bakery, a decent breakfast menu and of course...