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  • Being alive with plants…some moments of joy

    It has been about five months since I have been away from many things special to my life– from my plants, my books and songs. My regular life was halted for a while due to a family health crisis, from which I, along with my family members, have gradually recovered. I returned from the self-exile soon after receiving some beautiful bulbs of Tulips from my daughter, brought from the Shiphol Airport of Amsterdam. We know southern Europe is the home of
  • Get winter veggies from your own garden!

    The monsoon is prolonged this year. It is mid September – officially autumm, but the floating clouds seem inclined to stay a few more days at least.
  • Foes of mosquitoes

    These days, a notorious fever –chikungunya– has become the talk of the town and many of us are pointing at the plants we raise in our homes. Container based plants are considered as one of the main culprits that 'host' mosquitoes in our surroundings.
  • Our Brikha Mela - Calling

    It will instantaneously uplift your mood, and make you look forward to the fair till next year.
  • Small space greenery

    While you browse, their eyes follow you, and sometimes you feel like talking to them too. Is it not beautiful and refreshing!