Boshonto eshe gechey…

Have you noticed that the celebration has already started with the changing colour of the morning sky, the sweet breeze from the south, and the smell of 'amro-mukul',  the blooming buds of mango around us. This transition period is routine for nature — new life begins after shedding off the old, and spring flags the change. In our local context, the season is very short. So, we need to make the best of it. Our life is a great gift from God who made this world beautiful.  Can we even consider life without the presence of flora and fauna?  We cannot imagine life without trees; that's science but does it not also quench the thirst of every weary soul? In past 25 years or so, the tall trees have disappeared, even from the sides of the roads. New apartments are putting stress on available gardening soil. Most gardening enthusiasts have not opted for balcony and roof gardening. I usually write on my gardening ventures; this week, however, I have decided to share snippets from my own humble space.

The poinsettia is a beautiful plant that can be grown by cutting the stem and replanting the branches for the next season. They hail from Mexico, and are well regarded for their red and green foliage. They look graceful once positioned in a line with other winter blooms, like chrysanthemum.

When we need to compromise with space, the only feasible option is to go vertical, or multishelf/layered  arrangements.  In this pursuit, orchids are a good option! Orchid can be somewhat expensive, but they keep growing for a long time, with new shoots that help expand and create a new line of orchids.

A thorny delight! Once again, just cut off a stem and give a soil base to keep them alive. The plant will make you smile at first sight, and as they thrive, even without little extra care. But beware, this is one beauty that needs to be appreciated from a distance…for the thorns of course!

One usually does not find mushrooms a place in their ideal garden. Yet, in all their diversity, they look stunning!

Grow your own favourite vegetables on your roof top. Look at creeping 'sheem gach' wrapped around the body of the 'kath golap' — another sturdy flowing plant. 

This is my next door neighbour's garden project! She has achieved a great combo of vegetables and floral plants. It does take a level of planning and execution, but once done — picture perfect.

Thinking of flowers and vegetable, even mushrooms! So, why not some medicinal plants too? Sajne/moringa is a medicinal plant, that is easy to grow, and easy to maintain. Goes well will daal on the dinner table too!

Ah! The pleasure of small space gardening — on your balcony strip!

Before I end, I just want to mention that each season is beautiful in its own special way, so it is easy for gardening enthusiasts to always re-innovate their gardens or balcony space.  

Yet, spring is spring, and it fills our heart with glee.

Enjoy the offerings of spring — the fragrance floating in the air. smell it and feel it!

Photo courtesy: Laila Karim

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