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  • Rooftop gardening ideas

    After a long COVID break, I returned to the column receiving a request from one of our readers, Tusher from Narayanganj, who wrote — “I have a big roof that I want to decorate with a garden.
  • Palliative Care: the new healthcare frontier

    I came across the terminology 'palliative care' while conversing with a young couple sometime in late 2017. Being a non-medical person, I was unfamiliar with the term and other jargons that came up in that discussion.
  • Boshonto eshe gechey…

    Have you noticed that the celebration has already started with the changing colour of the morning sky, the sweet breeze from the south, and the smell of 'amro-mukul', the
  • Letter from a reader

    Allow me to thank you for the wonderful articles on plants and everything related to gardening.
  • Siyara – the new age planter

    It has been over one year since the day Siyara came to my office and expressed her desire to visit a nursery – home of the plants! She wanted to touch the seeds and soils and see by herself how the life of a plant begins.