I hope I can serve the censor board well: Rozina

National Film Award-winning actress Rozina has etched her name in the golden years of Bangladeshi cinema with her powerful performances. The veteran artiste, who has worked in more than 300 movies, became a member of the Bangladesh Film Censor Board recently. 

‘We have a hundred complaints, but only need one reason to stay’

Bushra Shahriar is at an interesting crossroads in life – the passionate soul is a musician, vlogger, and a PHD student at the Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee. Her latest song, “Eksho Nalish”, released yesterday. We got in touch with Bushra for a small chat over coffee.

It took me 2 months to transform into ‘Anarkali’: Sohana Saba

Prominent actress Sohana Saba has been creating waves across social media with her new bold and strong avatar in Hoichoi’s web-series, “Boli”.

Shironamhin: A 25-year odyssey

You reached 25 years of your journey last April, but could not host a silver jubilee show due to the pandemic. Can we expect one in the future?

Puja Chery on her OTT debut, ‘Parapsychology’

Puja Chery has been carving her space in the film fraternity with her acting prowess and accolades. The beautiful actress has just finished the shoot of the S A Haque Olike-directed government granted film “Golui”, opposite superstar Shakib Khan.

‘Khachar Bhitor Ochin Pakhi’ script excited me: Tama Mirza

National award-winning actress Tama Mirza won the hearts of audiences and critiques alike with her performance in “Nodijon.”

From beauty pageants to the silver screen

The journey from Miss World Bangladesh to showbiz marks the transition for beautiful actress Jannatul Ferdous Oishee. She struggled hard to pave her way into the world of pageantry, but then slowly made her way into films with two back-to -back productions “Mission Extreme” and “Raat Jaga Phul”, which will be released in December.

Ferdousi Majumdar: The legend returns to stage

Her portrayal of Hurmoti in the hit television series, “Shongshoptok” was widely appreciated by viewers. Recently, she was honoured with the Aly Zaker Sanman Padak.

A minute with Aditi Rahman Dola

I would literally die! There’s no way I can survive without going to the gym!

I will never be able to enjoy Puja without my mother: Apu Biswas

Apu Biswas is currently under a hectic schedule with various commitments and new projects. In a conversation with The Daily Star on her birthday today, the renowned actress shared her upcoming puja plans, and exciting new ventures.

If you are honest about your work, success will follow: Zahid Hasan

Zahid Hasan began his career on the theatre stage before embarking on the field of television. He is also known for his versatile performances in movies like “Srabon Megher Din”, “Haldaa”, “Shaap Ludo”, “Amar Ache Jol”, and many others. He has also directed popular shows like “Lal Neel Beguni” for television. On his birthday today, the National Film Award-winning star opened up about his dedication to his craft, and more in a candid conversation.

Aparna Ghose looks forward to a memorable Puja

Aparna Ghose is one of the most sought-after actresses for both television and films today. The National Award winner has been a part of multiple critically acclaimed ventures, including “Third Person Singular Number”, and “Mrittika Maya”.

I prepare for a role as though it is my last one: Mostafa Monwar

I grew up in a strict household at Indira Road, where reading for fun was prohibited because my parents believed it would hamper my academic pursuits.

Catching up with Nusraat Faria

In her career spanning only 6 years, Nusraat Faria has worked in 18 films. She has shared the screen with stars like Shakib Khan, Jeet and Ankush Hazra – and is a popular on both sides of the border.

OTT platforms are a blessing for our entertainment industry: Afran Nisho

Afran Nisho is one of the most celebrated names in the showbiz industry. The multi-talented actor has become popular among the audiences over the years, for his accurate portrayal of diverse characters on the television screen. Recently, the “Chirokal Aaj” actor has also become prominent in the world of OTT, with his breakthrough performances.

My wife loves my acting: Apurba

In a candid conversation with The Daily Star, Apurba opened up about his marriage, and his upcoming plans.