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  • CPJ lauds arrest of Tutul 'attacker'

    The Committee to Protect Journalists praises the arrest of a suspect who took part in the killing attempt on publisher Ahmedur Rashid Tutul last year.

  • Year full of attacks

    It started with individuals. Then shrines, mosques and temples started to become their targets while the attacks on secular and religious individuals continues.

  • HR groups call on US to grant asylum to Bangladesh bloggers

    A coalition of human rights groups calls on the USA to grant temporary visas to secular writers from Bangladesh after a series of bloody attacks by Islamist militants.

  • Refusing to succumb to fear

    The question we must be asking ourselves now is what this new fear means for our literary and intellectual culture in the bigger picture. It means the demise of whatever we have achieved in the past four and a half decades since our independence.

  • 3 held over blogger Niloy murder

    Detectives yesterday arrested three persons for their alleged involvement in killing blogger Niladri Chattopadhyay Niloy.

  • Hope is hollow on its own

    I have been silent for a while. Because I refuse to react to the brutality of the world around us, I prefer to respond. And I wanted to wait till things passed.

  • ‘I feel insecure, like I felt in 1971’

    Four days into the murder of publisher Dipan, his father Prof Abul Quasem Fazlul Huq says he feels insecure as he had felt during the nine months of Bangladesh’s 1971 Liberation War.

  • Neither 'isolated' nor tolerable

    The politics of manipulating the religion card and the denial of responsibility of the state to ensure citizens' basic rights have put the country in a situation, from where there is no immediate return.

  • It must be stopped

    Emboldened by the government's lack of action, the extremists will eventually expand their attacks on liberals, politicians, journalists, writers and anyone who disagrees with their views and approach.

  • Analysis: Distasteful comments

    Should we call them unthinking or distasteful or outcome of politics overpowering ethics, tastes and values? Yes, we are talking about what the politicians and ministers are saying about the recent attacks on publishers and freethinkers.

  • Freethinking Mauled Once Again

    In what appeared to be synchronised attacks on publishers of slain secularist writer-blogger Avijit Roy, unknown assailants hacked to death Faisal Arefin Dipan of Jagriti Prokashani and critically injured Shuddhoswar's Ahmedur Rashid Tutul yesterday. The body of 43-year-old Dipan was recovered from his second-floor office at Aziz Market in the capital.

  • Gonojagoron demo tomorrow

    Following the brutal attacks on country’s publishers that killed one and injured three others, leaders of Gonojagoron Mancha calls for a countrywide demonstration tomorrow.

  • Free speech under attack as never before: HRW

    Human Rights Watch today observed that the free speech in Bangladesh is under attack as never before in the country.

  • Blogger killings: 'Mastermind' held in Dhaka

    Law enforcers claim to have arrested three militants of Ansarullah Bangla Team from Dhaka including the mastermind of Avijit Roy and Ananta Bijoy killings.

  • Erosion of trust on police

    The report in this newspaper yesterday about how the bloggers are losing trust in the law enforcing agencies regarding their capability and indeed willingness to provide them with the minimum of security is very distressing.

  • No time to shilly shally

    Five bloggers have been killed in the last five years. And except for the alleged killers of Ahmed Rajiv Haider, no others have been brought to justice yet.

  • Serial killing of bloggers

    It is disquieting to note that the law enforcing agencies have not yet been able to make any tangible progress in connection with the murder of the four bloggers who were killed in the last seven months.


    Political events often fade away without leaving immediately palpable effects. Loud as their arrivals are, most political events tend to disappear much like a whimper.

  • UN experts urge probe into blogger Niladri killing

    United Nations’ experts on freedom of expression condemn the killing of Bangladesh blogger Niladri Chattopadhyay.

  • Home boss gets death threats

    State Minister for Home Asaduzzaman Khan and 6 notable personalities receive death threats from Al Qaeda Ansarullah Bangla Team-13.

  • Blogger murders worry 150 authors including Rushdie

    Leading authors, including Salman Rushdie and fellow Booker prize winners Margaret Atwood and Yann Martell, call on Bangladesh's government to put an end to a spate of deadly attacks on atheist bloggers.

  • Online writers and activists must be protected

    THE serial killing of bloggers in Bangladesh, with little development as far as catching and punishing the assassins are concerned, has compelled the Human Rights Forum (Bangladesh) to call upon the government to provide protection to online writers/activists, many of them still on the hit-list of religious extremists.

  • Has the country turned into a killing ground for free thinkers?

    If one analyses why criminality and corruption are so pervasive in the society, the first and foremost answer would be the impunity enjoyed by the perpetrators.

  • Fatima Bhutto

    Fatima Bhutto slams killing of Bangladeshi bloggers

    Fatima Bhutto, grand-daughter of former Pakistan Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto criticizes the murder of Bangladeshi bloggers in her article.