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  • A friendship through the ages

    Having just moved to Egypt, Kavya still had the curiosity of a tourist in her. And one of the things that tugged at her was the Library of Alexandria.


    I couldn't help but glare at the man beside me. I was in an ancient pyramid in Memphis, a city in Egypt. It is believed to have been built during the reign of Djoser of the 3rd dynasty. The pharaoh had built it before he had ever built the step pyramid.

  • Forgotten in Unknown Waters

    Year 1977. Sunlight hit his eyes as he got off the ship.


    Neferneferuaten Nefertiti rose from her endless sleep and looked down at her mummified body content, spotting no changes in her majestic body. The cacophony of tourists from all over the world irritated her brain.


    The day was sunnier than usual; the crocodiles at the bank of the river Nile didn't come out today. The local news reporter had gone out with his colleague to find a story that they could show to the public.

  • Musings of a First-time Solo Traveller

    Okay, here are some facts. Going on trips is something no one will ever turn their back on, it's always been on the top of people's lists for any approaching holiday season, and it'll always be the go-to plan for any generation facing any existential crisis.

  • Adventure on the Rockies

    Jasper is a small town hidden between the Canadian Rocky Mountains in Alberta, pretty close to British Columbia. We visited the town on April 25, 2018, and stayed for three days. It takes an estimated 4 hours and 30 minutes from Calgary, the capital of Alberta province, to Jasper -- a total of 450 kilometres on road.

  • A Visit to Vietnam

    I am writing about a country called Vietnam, which is in Southeast Asia and has a rich history. Vietnam fought against the French then the Americans for 34 years. I saw many historical things when my family and I visited this country recently.

  • Witnessing humpback whales in the Pacific Ocean

    On April 25, 2017, our family and some family friends visited Victoria Island in British Columbia, Canada, to watch the whales in the Pacific Ocean.

  • Why you should travel solo

    We are always surrounded by people: friends or family, acquaintances or lovers.

  • Travelling For the First Time with Friends

    Chances are that the marked date on your calendar will one day no longer trigger a sigh of failure from you, or those

  • The Great East Himalayan Trek

    A chilly breeze from the north is freezing us to our very core. The multi-coloured Tibetan prayer flags are fluttering from the strong wind sweeping over the whole plateau


    Immersed in mixed feelings, I boarded my flight for Kunming to take part in the “Chinese Bridge Summer Camp 2015” on October 30.

  • Debunking Stereotypes about Iran

    Thanks to the Western media and its immense influence on us, we picture Iran as an extremist/horrific country. In reality, it is quite the contrary. These are some misinformation on Iran which people seem to believe.