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  • Trendy with Le Reve this Summer

    The Summer 2018 fashion trends are nothing less than bright, bold and beautiful, and these trends are prominently reflected in the SS'18 collection of Le Reve which has just launched in the stores.

  • Baishakh 1425 with Apex

    As the scorching summer approaches, your best light wear is already out and you are preparing to welcome Baishakh. Just as your wardrobe is fashionably light and festive, your footwear too has to match the mood! No worries on that front though; Apex has a trendy, fashionable lineup for the fashion forward as well as those who are looking to match tradition with comfort.

  • Alta…Churi…Feeta

    The belle is a likeness of the goddess to romantics; a literary or visual imagery handed over generation after generation of writers, novelists, painters and sculptors, not to mention the roadside Romeos! Times have changed, yet the look of a quintessential girl is the exact same — taant, alta, churi, feeta…

  • A summery twist for the boho chic

    The Boho-chic is all about taking inspiration from the classical, mixing it with current trends, and adding a reflection of one's own personality to it; the perfect crossover of tradition and trends, a little out of the box, but pure high-fashion!

  • The honesty of a white Panjabi

    The finely woven sheer kurta comes out of the drawer every Friday morning. Blued at the laundry for the desired snowy-white appearance, the panjabi is stiff and comes neatly folded. The fabric crinkles as one separates the layers glued from the dip-starch, and as one walks towards the masjid chanting the takbir, the all-white ensemble complemented with a whiff of rose water completes the sanctified aura of Jumu'ah.

  • The diet diary of a beginner: ditching rice

    When it comes to diet, the phrase “maach-e bhaat-e Bangali” just will not do. As tempting as it is to have some rice and curry you

  • A Glamorous Jolt For Java!

    The other day I was in a manic rush. Nothing new there for a millennial mom. Armed with an errand list longer than the Great Wall, I hurried out, only to realize that I had missed out on my mid afternoon caffeine fix. Now this is not just a good old cup of Doodh Cha, relished at leisure while casually glancing at the elegant professional shots of a friend's honeymoon at the Caribbeans on Instagram. Having

  • Safe Styling Safe Curls

    First and foremost shampooing, conditioning and drying your hair is a must before you start because curls last longer in light and care free hair. If you have ever heard your hair sizzle when curling it, that means you didn't dry your hair all the way before styling that makes it more difficult for the curls to set in.

  • The season of light shawls

    As the chilly weather is waning out, the lingering morning fog makes your attire need a warm and fashionable touch for the daily

  • Life hacks to beat the chill

    It is not possible to avoid winter, but what we can do is avoid the unwanted results with some at-home hacks and a few small changes and tricks around the home.