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  • Find the right Eid gift at MINISO

    Ramadan is now on full swing, and with the temperature escalating, it wont be long before we are at the end of the Ramadan.

  • Fragrances that can help save the planet

    They are great; they provide our signature scents that leave a lasting first impression; mask any unwanted odour create our personal auras. But one of the biggest problem with these incredibly over-the-top pretty bottles of fragrances are that they are not reusable.

  • Channel your inner flower child!

    Among other things, flowers are truly Mother Nature’s best gift. In any form, their beauty and aura brings joy and happiness that is quite unlike anything else.

  • Nail care done right

    The first step to nail care is to avoid cutting off the cuticles, a common mistake done by many in order to get cleaner and bigger nail beds.

  • Going off the grid

    A healthy amount of screen time has never been the root of trouble, but here in 2019, we seem to have surpassed the healthy limit by a lot. So it does not matter if you are staring at a screen for work or leisure, the harm done is equal.

  • Glassware


    You don't have to be dogmatic about glassware though; there's always room for experimentations, and sometimes, you will see cocktails being served in vessels that were not originally meant for cocktails at all, like Mason jars or teacups.

  • Dressing up the drinks: Garnishes and Rims

    The most common garnishes are citrus fruits – which makes total sense when you consider that many drinks are made with fresh lemon, lime, or grapefruit juice.

  • Sharing workspace

    Dhaka is a city booming with ambitious people who dream high and achieve big, and the surge of entrepreneurs are proof of that.

  • Traditionally Tunic

    Fashion and comfort are what we support in our daily wears. Kurti has long been a beloved casual outfit among ladies. It's the exquisite mix of traditional and western. And with that, tunic kurti has made a name for itself because of how comfortable it is to wear and how sophisticated it looks.

  • Hearts aflutter for Falgun festivities!

    Do you feel the change in the air? The morning sun shines a little brighter and warmer, there is a nip in the air that's pleasantly refreshing, little buds are blossoming into blousy flowers!