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  • Top tips for a trendy wedding 2017

    Whether one is tying the knot with their long term sweetheart, or met their soulmate through mutual friends or family members, there is no doubt that every single modern love story is unique. And this is why, each wedding has its own set of specialties.

  • Halloween

    Unleash your inner phantom this Halloween!

    Attention all dreamers and fantasists of the world! If you are a wretched earthling who likes to dwell in the otherworldly realm where spirits and apparitions rub shoulders with ghouls and goblins, it's time for you to awaken!

  • A sari for the star in you

    A sari is as versatile as its wearer; it can be whatever one wants it to be. Think of any occasion, and there is a different style of draping appropriate for it.

  • How to care for dyed hair

    There is a kind of pleasure in changing hair colours. Both girls and boys enjoy it. YouTube stars and all the celebs really show that they get to have all the fun with the latest hair colour trends and tech.

  • Five ways to chinos

    People always tend to look for the easiest way out. If you are struggling to score a goal in a football match, you tend to look for a handball inside the D-box to win a penalty.

  • Makeup guide for hooded eyes

    Makeup guide for hooded eyes

    There are deep set eyes, protruding eyes, upturned eyes — all which are great for displaying your eyeshadow looks. And then there are hooded eyes.

  • A smart workout

    Amidst the get-togethers, coffee breaks and ice-cream phase we create a rather unbalanced diet where every day is a cheat day.

  • Traffic Activities

    While traffic generally pauses time, take this window of opportunity to make it fun and/or productive. You may even be inspired by the unexpected.

  • Keeping acne in check

    Although it may not seem to pose as a serious problem, left untreated, acne often leaves long-lasting scars on your facial skin. Acne can develop at any age and for multiple of reasons — food allergies, hormone imbalance, nutritional deficiencies, poor detoxification, chemically induced reactions — even stress!

  • Nurturing creativity in children

    Tahiya is a grade four student of Viqarunnisa Noon School. Aside from her weekdays spent in school, her weekends are preoccupied with singing lessons and drawing classes as well as debating club activities. Her parents are determined on keeping her young mind