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  • Anjan's:catering to all fashion tastes

    In business for than two decades, Anjan's is a common and well heard name amongst Bangladeshis for their massive collections in attires, home décor, jewellery and so much more.
  • Hanging gardens

    The desire to have lush gardens in our backyard is unfortunately nothing but a pipe dream if you happen to reside in Dhaka's concrete jungle. With the very little living space most of us have in apartments, it is truly a luxury to even have a corner for planters, let alone an entire space dedicated to greenery. Thinking outside the box will grant you the wisdom of abandoning all hopes for horizontal space, and instead, capitalising on the vertical real estate instead.
  • Taking care of your first plant

    With summer in full swing, and infinite reasons to have green surround us, nothing beats the happiness of heading out to our nearest nursery to bring home some of that blooming goodness. But even though taking care of a plant is not as hard as a pet, it is not easy either, especially if you have never done it before.
  • What I watched last week

    As I scroll through my subscriptions list last Friday, a video by ELLE caught my eye. After ignoring it for a few days I finally watched it having nothing better to watch in my feed, and I am very glad that I did.
  • Storm in a cup: a home away from home

    As you get off the elevator and head straight through what seems like the veranda of a home, you come across a big wooden door that welcomes you. The first few steps might confuse you, but rest assured as you are not trespassing in someone else's home; this serene and homely place is called Storm in a Cup.