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  • Anisha Hassan

  • Curries around the world

    Growing up in an Asian home, we could not be more familiar with the sublime, yet chunky and mouth-watering curry. But while we devour our own form of this delicious dish, the world is enjoying a different version, recipe, and consistency in every corner.
  • Nail care done right

    The first step to nail care is to avoid cutting off the cuticles, a common mistake done by many in order to get cleaner and bigger nail beds.
  • Clean Air in the Home

    The first step to clean and breathable air in the home starts with some healthy ventilation. While older apartments come with permanent ventilators, newer ones mostly do not.
  • Going off the grid

    A healthy amount of screen time has never been the root of trouble, but here in 2019, we seem to have surpassed the healthy limit by a lot. So it does not matter if you are staring at a screen for work or leisure, the harm done is equal.
  • Sharing workspace

    Dhaka is a city booming with ambitious people who dream high and achieve big, and the surge of entrepreneurs are proof of that.