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  • Handling anxiety attacks

    Now, these symptoms are a vague description of what can be happening to a person since everyone feels a different version of it and on different scales. However, they give us a rough idea of when we can term a behaviour as an anxiety or panic attack. Both physical and emotional symptoms can occur simultaneously during an attack, leaving a person even more frightened.
  • Hues of the earth

    Every year, a brand new colour with a catchy name pops up, and takes the fashion world by storm, in turn, making our wardrobes
  • Zero hour Tailor tweets

    “A(fa) go maaf koiren ami ‘sick’ asilam apner ka(f)orer kaj shesh korte (f)ari nai,” ping went my Viber, in the middle of the night! I wouldn’t have worried much if it wasn’t chaand raat already. But, did you think I was born yesterday, or completely at the mercy of the tailor
  • The last moment check list

    We have successfully made it to the end of another Ramadan. However, despite all the preparations and checklists through the month, there are things that often skip our attention. From that one missing condiment to the un-ironed curtains, a last look always helps.
  • Summer Eid: dos and don’ts

    Summer Eids are going to be the norm for the next few years, and thus we must remember to adjust expectations and plans to make it the most fun.