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  • Anisha Hassan

  • A Gleaming Night at Anjans

    With the upcoming Eid comes a whole range of new products from every big fashion house in the country, and Anjans was no different. Famous for their ethnic and fusion collections that uphold the traditions of Bangladesh
  • The comeback of printed photos

    A decade or two ago, people would rush to get their negatives printed, and they would cherish each and every photo, bind them, and beautifully arrange them in photo books. If one was ever lost or found, the feeling was exceptional, and little would make one happier. Today however, no photo can ever be truly lost as all we have to do is scroll down long enough to find it, and although that is not necessarily a bad thing, it lacks the soul and feel once associated with a printed photo.
  • Entrance Décor: Win Your Guest's Heart

    The front door is definitely the first thing to an entryway, but is not something we can always change easily, especially if it is an apartment. What you can do is change its surroundings. Warm welcome signs are always nice, especially for guests. And so are wreaths; opt for faux flowers, or greens that add some life to boring old doors.
  • Detoxing your earthly abode

    We all know this occurs because none of us have the time today to sit down and organise, especially given our busy schedules. Yet, there are those dull moments when we have nothing to do on our hands, and most of us are guilty of having a ton of stuff in our house that we have not had any use in 10 years.
  • A lively evening with fun, frolic and food

    On Friday, 23 March at Cityscape Tower, Jete Chao? and Cookups presented an event to celebrate Women's Day. These two ventures, both led by women, created the opportunity for numerous other female entrepreneurs in Dhaka to showcase their work, and talent in a place collectively called “Sheroes of Today.”