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  • Post wedding care: skin and body

    Perhaps, the big day is over, but what shall follow is a series of post wedding dinners, luncheons and evening parties; meaning you really cannot bid adieu (even for a day) to the make-up kit just yet.
  • The three great checklists for a wonderful wedding

    Sometimes we get carried away amongst all the chaos of a wedding. Be it with spending hefty sums on the dress, or going overboard with the invitation cards.
  • The mother's wedding checklist

    Mothers undoubtedly play a huge role in weddings, from giving that last nod of approval, to handpicking and perfecting every little detail. There is little they do not look over when it comes to their children's wedding.
  • The father's checklist

    We all see weddings as a great mother-daughter bonding time, but fathers have a big role to play here as well. Never underestimate the presence of a father-figure when big arrangements are underway. Since a wedding needs 'all hands on deck,' we have some guidelines to be that helpful hand as the father!
  • An Unforgettable Bridal Shower

    Traditionally, a bridal shower is an intimate, women only, lunch, often hosted by the bride's close and dearest ones before the series of wedding events kick off. While some like to keep it down-low by hosting a little in-house event, some like to go big outdoors. The point here though, is not the sheer size and venue, but the organisation and planning of the whole day that brings an unforgettable smile to the bride's face.