Grooming ahead of Eid: Things you should keep in mind

Be it polished haircuts or perfect pedicures, grooming applies for all genders before Eid.
Eid is almost here, so it is time we consider personal grooming to look and feel our best on the big day. Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed

Now that Eid is almost here, it is time we consider personal grooming too, to look and feel our best on the big day. Men often get left out of the equation, but that should not be the case. Be it polished haircuts or perfect pedicures, grooming goes for all genders.

Book ahead and go later
One of the first things to keep in mind are appointments. Whatever treatment or grooming session you think you will need form a salon, start making calls to book yourself a seat since the rush is only going to increase from now. One can always go in when the crowd is smaller, and that would not require appointments either. However, the problem with this is that the treatments do not always seem to stay as "new and polished" till Eid. Getting the services a few days before Eid makes it look brand new, and appointments can help you ensure that.

A perfect smile
After a whole lot of grooming, something as simple as stained teeth can completely undercut the impact. If a dentist appointment seems too farfetched or a hassle, teeth whitening strips can do the job. You can put them on after iftar and move on with daily activities. However, the use needs to be consistent to show proper results.

Hand and foot care
Nothing quite beats a good pedicure and manicure. It is one of those finishing touches that give us the polished head-to-toe look. Although it is not mandatory to get it done from a salon, special attention should be paid to these areas, even if it is done at home.
Dip your feet in a mixture of warm water and salt and use a pumice stone to get rid of all the dead skin. Follow up with a scrub and a moisturizer. Finally, trim and shape your nails. Be mindful of your cuticles and do not cut them off.
The same can be done for your hands as well, minus the pumice stone. Adorn with nail polish after all is done, but this is always optional.

Retouch your hair colour
Faded hair colour can look worse than no hair colour. If you already have some colour on your hair, take time to get it done again. Highlights tend to fade a lot, so remember to take good care of them after you redo your them.

Facial hair
Eyebrows frame the face. Even though bushy eye brows are in, they too need to be shaped and cut in order to look prim and proper. Men on the other hand too need to properly groom their beards. While many people dig the rough look, an untamed look is not what they expect. Shaping and trimming the beard is crucial to how suave a man appears.

Easy summer skin care
Summer means lots of oily skin and clogged pores. Incorporate lots of clay, charcoal and other pore cleansing masks into your daily routines. Add in a light toner like rosewater and finally switch up your moisturiser with a lightweight or gel one to let your skin breathe.

Not Eid without mehendi
Get your tubes fast before all the good ones sell out, because they will. If you do not want to put it on yourself, salons and mehendi artists take appointments, but know they will be packed, so make your appointments fast.
Taking care of oneself does not only make a person look their best, but feel their utmost best as well. And with a clean and groomed canvas underneath, everything looks better as they go on top, be it the accessories or the clothes.