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  • Week1

    Pre-plan your meals in Ramadan. The main focus of the month is supposed to be abstinence. Let us not take that away with worrying about our meals every day.
  • The most eye-catching jewelleries of 2020

    One of the easiest ways to spice up an outfit is adding on some bling. Before you decide to get your hands on some new pieces, pay close attention to all the new trends that have been emerging, because not just the seasons, jewellery trends also change and evolve with time.
  • Nail Art - Self-expression with flair

    For a better understanding of all these new techniques and trends, we spoke to Tasnim Monzur Labiba, a freelance nail artist with her Facebook page Nail Art Desire.
  • Art on eyelids

    While some call it watercolour eye makeup, others call it a pastel splash, but the simplest way to describe this emerging eye shadow trend is to call it art on the eyes — for it looks very similar to a bunch of crayons rubbed on the lid, or a wash of watercolours gently laid on by a brush.
  • Beauty regimens of the past : Still going strong

    Looking at our mothers, grandmothers, and their entire generations with supple, glowing skins can make us wonder what we are doing wrong, for their beauty seems everlasting, that too without a drop from bottled concoctions.