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  • Mehrin Mubdi Chowdhury

  • BEING The ethical CONSUMER

    For that, she works day in and day out, catering to orders placed by various fashion stores from the capital; ones that seem to utilise her strengths during their times of need, peak seasons like Baishakh and Eid, and cuts her off for the rest of the year, when she needs them.
  • LIVING BLUE an ethical marvel

    Born out of a governance project, and as a result of providing means of work to the ultra-poor of the northern region of Bangladesh, Living Blue has witnessed success in numerous fronts.
  • Reforest the world

    “Bella”. So was the bright green parakeet called at grandmother’s residence in Sylhet. I remember spending hours with her as she pecked on some grain from the tiny bowl, carefully placed on a minute pedestal.
  • Far from the madding crowd

    The traffic around the city worries everyone a bit more than what should be normal. It exhausts you, plays havoc with your nerves, and sucks all the energy that you are left with. Might sound like the rant of a typical out-of-towner, but think about it a bit deeply.
  • Moments of sublimity

    When you are in your 30s, doing things in abundance, let's say in a week, it still falls short compared to what a 20-year-old can do, maybe in a day!