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  • Mehrin Mubdi Chowdhury

  • Tuesday Coffee with Rushmita Alam

    When we think of our country and its positive aspects, the first thing that comes into mind, is its people. Always in good spirits and eccentrically optimistic, there is almost nothing that can break our spirit! Even through the most inhospitable situation, we know how to beat the odds and rise above!
  • The Bibi Russell phenomena

    “Gopal bhaar was speaking to the king in a murmured voice” – these are probably the first few words we walked into at Russell's office. Then some eager giggles… It would have been very easy for an unfamiliar person to get confused but we knew that Bibi Russel was up to her usual practice of teaching the street children their morals for the day.
  • Summer feast Heirlooms of Tomorrow

    The primarily summer collection highlighting Jamdani, Rajshahi silk, Benarasi katan and indigenous fabrics displayed to the world the true meaning of being 'in-vogue'.
  • Chic Panache

    Ask anybody who has been to her dainty little shop and they'd swear to have instantaneously fallen in love with the ever gorgeous pastel shades and the unique cuts of the shalwar kameezs.
  • Ponytail express

    Tilt your head over to the front or back, scoop a handful of hair and tie it up a knot at the top of your head. Do not forget to fluff up the hair. Here you go you have an instant glam look that will also elongate you face, drawing more attention to your cheekbones.