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  • Mehrin Mubdi Chowdhury

  • The story of Manas

    For few designers, it is no longer about fashion, runway, or even fame. It’s about creating a legacy, and leaving a better world for the consumers; and while on the journey if there are a few thousand followers on Facebook and Instagram then —why not?
  • Songs of the stitches by Label lmam Hassan

    The current pandemic reminds us again how important it has become to shift focus from a purely materialistic lifestyle to a more holistic approach. With the climate crises deepening over the years, it has become inevitable to prioritise sustainability in all forms of existence, including the world of fashion. So what does this term – sustainability — actually mean?
  • Retail Remedy Therapy

    Rabita asked us to join in and view their latest collection.
  • UMAI, authentic Japanese cuisine

    Looking for authentic Japanese dining experience and that too at an affordable rate? There’s one place in town that surely lives up to the expectations — UMAI in Gulshan 2.
  • Eco-friendly, sustainable and slow fashion: A new mantra for the local fashion industry

    Another Pahela Baishakh during lockdown reminds us the need for a complete change of outlook on our concept of fashion, livelihood of the artisans, and caring for nature.