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  • The New Face Of Cats Eye

    As one might expect, the first question was 'bowled' at the lead opening batsman Tamim Iqbal —
  • Believing in love and marriage…

    “It is her beautiful pair of eyes that intoxicated me and still do” chuckles Imran. “Ever since the day I met her at my friend's house; I had vouched to make this girl mine and so she became!”
  • The case for a frugal wedding

    They are meant to be grand, romantic, if not dreamy affairs, and of course a social occasion that not only ties two people, but also two families. As far as Bangladeshi weddings are concerned, there is however one big problem — keeping up with the Joneses!
  • My big fat deshi wedding

    They can be an exhibition, especially the 'Big Fat Deshi Wedding' types, where one spends tonnes of money on creating memories, sprinkled over a few fleeting days.
  • The perfect wedding trousseau

    Thirteen years is a long time they say. That's how long it has been since I professed my love to the rest of the world, leaving the parents' safe abode to begin a brand new life with a meek and modest young man.