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  • Mehrin Mubdi Chowdhury

  • Bhumi, the picturesque story of community generated land-art in Thakurgaon

    Last year, when the entire world stalled and the lockdowns were phasing in and out within the boundaries of every nation, Durjoy Rahman,
  • The next step for Studio Mayasir

    Most of us are already aware of the negative effects of mass-produced fashion. But is awareness good enough to make a recognisable change?
  • Fabrics of Heritage

    Farfetched as it may sound, this is the truth — this is history. Eventually with time, our grandeur subsided. Maybe there were forces acting against us or maybe it was our own short-sightedness that led to the demise of an incredible craft.
  • Fabrics of Heritage II

    “Yes, once upon a time, the handloom taant was at its peak. But then came the powerloom variant, parallel to any other sector in the textile industry. That’s when we had the hardest time to compete, because powerlooms have the capacity and capability to yield in greater quantity.
  • Fabrics of Heritage III

    History reminds us that this method worked in motivating the locals. Everyone wore khadi dhoti, sari and handloom cotton products to lead their daily lives and ultimately nationalistic attitude took over.