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  • Baishakh for the hip and cool

    We can wear pop art inspired by the Bengali Film Industry. Nothing can be more fun and more Bangladeshi then having Dipjol, Shabana and Manna in their signature moves as prints.
  • Sun baked fun and picnics

    On the contrary, a little bit innovation from our ends could turn things around. After all, isn’t this what the pandemic has taught us? That we can, and must work with whatever options we are given.
  • A look back in time with Shahrukh Amin

    Even the colours evoke a sense of nostalgia, with soothing hues such as ivory, beige, ocean blues, greens, and corals to sizzling hot blood reds and wine, he has every colour for the differing moods of women. But it is his personalised couture, especially his regal evening wear and bridal wear, that gives away his true nature as a romantic.
  • Modest fashion by Tahoor

    Butterfly shaped kaftans, oversized capes and bell-bottom pants. We are not only discussing our Eid wardrobe wish-list here, but what is trending in the world of modest fashion.
  • Beautiful Mrinmoyee Jewellery

    “I used to order bespoke jewellery all the time; some of the designs were manufactured based on inspirations while others were jotted down on spot. Later, when people began to appreciate the creativity, inquiring about the sources, that’s when the idea ‘to start a jewellery business popped up,” revealed Hai, co-founder of Mrinmoyee.