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  • Fashion Police


    As uncanny as the name may sound, it is a favourite! These informal pants can be easily paired off with anything from comfort tees to crop tops. You may wear it to the stores if you wish, given the fact that you are comfortable travelling back through time, pulling off the teenage look.
  • Florals, feminism and romance

    Roses were extremely popular back then, since it was considered the most romantic flower, often used by men to woo their lady love. And so it was adopted as patterns on dresses, coats, purses and everything else one could think of.
  • Memories of my mom's katan

    Almost every Bangladeshi girl has the same story to tell; one of their precious inheritances from their mother; typically a sari.
  • Sequin's back again!

    Excited enough already? We bet you are! With limitless evening-ready looks coming into mind, it is definitely a tough task to manoeuvre to the ones you surely want. And that is exactly why we are here for.
  • The teen saga

    Nowadays as social media rules and overrules all forms of communication, teens are pretty much influenced by what Kim Kardashian is wearing or the styling of Nick Jonas! It becomes a challenging task to make them wear anything their idols are not endorsing.