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  • Fashion Police


    Eclectic styling is not meant for everyone! This is only for those who prefer unconventional fashion over the mundane, and a progressive lifestyle over the regular. Since fashion is a great way to reveal the uniqueness of a personality; an eclectic woman usually tends to show everyone around her that she is bold and confident, with countless colourful stories to share.
  • Create that ‘air of mystery’

    The appeal of masquerades is universal. And now, even the Dhaka socialites have jumped on the bandwagon.
  • Cruising around in boat shoes

    The boat shoe had a humble beginning with only one major concern — clinging to wet and slippery surfaces with its steadfast grip!
  • Style that matters

    If you want to know what’s IN at the moment in the world of styling, then read on to find out for yourself.
  • Shop to colour block

    If you have no idea what that is and have not yet adorned yourself in solid chunks of contrasting colours, then you are certainly way behind in acknowledging the ideation of fashion. And it’s about time you learn.