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  • There is something special about this Summer

    The season is almost here, and based on this thought, there is so much going on around us. The seasonal favourites, including fruits and flowers would soon ripen and bloom.
  • Power to the flower

    Whenever I try closing my eyes, and maybe take a power nap, I am instantly relocated to the Bahamas in my reverie. Call it hallucination or not, it does not matter…for every single time I am enjoying thoroughly; sipping coconut water, lounging on beach chairs, with hair flowing in the wind.
  • Dots I Love

    One would only think that perhaps that is where I draw the line, but astonishingly, it was just the beginning as I had tons of other inspiration, including the stunning Elizabeth Taylor, and her beautiful polka dot gowns that only amplify my love affair with the dots.
  • Witching Hour - Hairstyles to slay the night!

    To pick up on this electrifying look, make one massive braid, above your ears and sweep it back into a knotted bun. Pull out the layers for that next level touch and feel!
  • Styling as second nature!

    It takes years of effort to achieve precision, and a trademark is created of being stylish, even in casual clothes.