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  • Fashion Police

  • MIXING UP with scarves

    But this article is not about despondency; fashion and styling can never be about anything but excitement! We need to learn to enjoy our time, wherever it maybe. So, we say, let’s not stop keeping ourselves from being trendy and hip, even if we are staying at home and staying safe.
  • One fine SPA DAY at home

    Ever imagine going to a wellness retreat for a week or so, completely secluded from the outside world? No matter how hefty it maybe on the wallet, most of us have jotted down the option on our individual bucket lists.
  • When East meets West

    Halter necks, spaghetti straps or a lovely sheath dress — any one of these words can conjure a vivid image of a fun night-out with that special someone. Coco Chanel iconised the little black dress, while Christian Dior mainstreamed leopard prints and silk chiffons.
  • Adventures in the eye shadow palette

    I know I am not the only one feeling hopeless at the moment. However, I do believe that I have also found a nice way to divert my attention and boost my mind through all this.
  • Let's Imagine

    This Eid, let things go back to the old flow, and that is with a splurge on peach and pastels. For the evening homely events, we can always opt for the darker shades like brown, navy blue, black, olive green, and greys.