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  • The (hidden) cost of being a woman

    Albeit the discrepancies that persist, women have made notable progress, whether by breaking the glass ceiling at work to some extent or by successfully highlighting their contribution towards the economy.
  • Chobi Mela Shunno – a new beginning

    After a rather bleak 2020 due to the unprecedented onset of the global coronavirus pandemic, the dawn of a new decade acts as a ray of hope as we try to accommodate ourselves within the new normal.
  • The versatile paneer

    What is the first thing to strike your mind when you read the words soft, spongy, crumbly, and delicious? For most of us, if not all, it’s cheese!
  • Battle of the beef at Pizza Hut!

    Stepping onto their 18th year of successful operations, Pizza Hut started the new decade in the best manner possible byintroducing two brand new flavours for Bangladeshison 28 January, 2021. Pizza lovers —be prepared to tantalise your taste buds because these flavours are nothing like your ordinary pizza options!
  • Hoichoi: The one-stop streaming service platform for Bengali speakers worldwide

    Bangladesh has witnessed a paradigm shift within the entertainment industry in the past decade. Backtracking to the ‘90s when digital entertainment was limited to local television channels, rapid technological advancements, combined with robust Internet connectivity in the 21st century has drastically transformed the entertainment scenario of the country.