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  • When passion meets fashion

    All of us carry fond excerpts from our childhood in our golden pot of memories. For some, it is reminiscing the carefree days, whereas some think back to those rustic kitchen adventures, while for others, it is a recollection of time spent creating amazing craft paraphernalia.
  • Mocktail mania

    The local muskmelons that are available here may vary in taste and appearance from its foreign counterparts, but they are delicious
  • Go nuts for coconuts!

    Bangladeshi summers are unmatched with any other — the blazing sun and scorching heat, and the constant humidity. Having a tropical monsoon climate, we are lucky enough to be bestowed with an abundance of coconuts.
  • Four easy-peasy chicken recipes

    We all start somewhere when it comes to cooking. For some, their very first attempt brings out delectable results, while for others, it can be a total disaster. Whatever the case may be, it is always a memorable experience. We are all amateurs at the beginning and pick things up as we go along.
  • Etiquettes of re-gifting

    A gift is a unique way to deliver love. Spending time choosing the appropriate souvenir, carefully wrapping it, and attaching a tag with a note that brings joy to the receiver is the package of love we term as a gift. It shows how much someone adores you.