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  • For the mac and cheese!

    Albeit macaroni and cheese has its roots deeply etched in the Italian cuisine, its vast popularity enabled it to have its own renditions in various parts of the world.
  • One year of luxury lifestyle with Penthouse Livings

    What is common among brands like BMW, Apple, VITO, and KOHLER? They all define luxury with functionality and are all available in Bangladesh through Meghna Executive Holdings. The latest addition to this group of lifestyle brands is Penthouse Livings Limited, which recently completed one year of successful operations in the country.
  • Satiate your Bengali food cravings with Domachha

    We can all agree that there is something magical about our very own Bengali cuisine — the amalgamation of local vegetable and fishes, with the perfect mix of spices truly creates euphoria within our taste buds.
  • Baking with children

    A good way to spend time with children indoors is to get them into the kitchen. Many parents reading this have arched an eyebrow by now, but baking with children does them more benefit than harm. Nevertheless, how would we ever know if we do not allow them to bake along with us?
  • Ways to boost the immune system

    Vitamin C is one such great source and citrus fruits are a powerhouse of this vitamin. Good sources are orange, lemon, lime, strawberry, and red bell pepper.