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  • KC redefining luxury living

    If you ever walk into a building tucked away in Italy, you will be marvelling at the remarkable interior décor and furniture pieces. Walk into KC’s design studio and you shall be greeted with the same aura, right here in Bangladesh.
  • Rising consumer awareness — a propeller of the dairy industry

    The dairy industry is diverse with several milk-based products, and with so many available options to choose from, consumers now demand a higher degree of safety and nutrition from their food. Not only that, consumers in all sectors depict an increasing level of awareness and seek more information regarding the food they purchase.
  • The altering consumer trends in milk consumption

    “Currently, there are so many alternative forms to consume milk which were not available previously, such as cheese, yoghurt, milk powder and flavoured milk. So, although milk is not directly consumed as it was done before, people are consuming it via other means, which also reduces the dependency on plain milk,” he said.
  • Post-Eid Munchies

    Food is the universal language of celebration. Come to think of it, every occasion or festival is incomplete without a little indulgence and food. However, sometimes, we tend to splurge a bit too much and cook out of proportion, especially when the occasion is highly significant, such as Eid.
  • Delicious dishes featuring pistachios

    Pistachio is undeniably one of the best gifts of nature. A precious ingredient that invigorates both senses, being not only stimulating to the taste palate, but also appeasing to the eyes with its subtle green hue. Albeit being a simple ingredient with humble origins, a little bit of pistachio adds a touch of royalty to any dish.