ls suggests / Balcony Bliss

But alas! Where do we get this kind of greenery in a world full of chaos, concrete and black soot? The answer lies only 3-feet away from where we enjoy our daily meals. It stands in the balconies that each of us own, in that tiny apartment of ours, a place most of us love to call home.

ls suggests / In cheese we trust!

The block of dairy goodness known as cheese is a delight in every way for the foodie. Sliced, shredded, melted or just nibbled on its own; there is no end to the possible combinations of enjoying cheese.

ls suggests / The most eye-catching jewelleries of 2020

One of the easiest ways to spice up an outfit is adding on some bling. Before you decide to get your hands on some new pieces, pay close attention to all the new trends that have been emerging, because not just the seasons, jewellery trends also change and evolve with time.

ls suggests / Lash extensions 101

Who does not dream of naturally long, luscious lashes? Sadly, many of us were not born with those, and curlers and mascaras can only do so much!

ls suggests / Touch of lush amidst the fuss

Dhaka — one of the most densely populated cities in the world. Moments after taking off in an airplane, the entire city looks like one gigantic and dense block of Lego buildings.

ls suggests / Lunch on the go

Try to get yourself good, solid food carriers that fit in your bag. Or get a separate bag altogether for your lunch.

A different sort of celebration

A few months into the new year, a morbid uproar in the name of Covid-19 shattered all our plans and made away with them.

When to call a lawyer

Before we get into the details, there’s one thing you should know. There are two legal categories— criminal law and civil law.

Every bit counts

So, what are we doing to save the world? Are we making any meaningful contributions? Or are we sitting idle, dependant on environmental activists and ignoring our individual responsibilities?

Art on eyelids

While some call it watercolour eye makeup, others call it a pastel splash, but the simplest way to describe this emerging eye shadow trend is to call it art on the eyes — for it looks very similar to a bunch of crayons rubbed on the lid, or a wash of watercolours gently laid on by a brush.

The trial of wedding style repetitions

Your budget is limited, but the love for your family, friends and ‘kachchi’ is not. So, instead of falling prey to the classic trap of ‘I-have-nothing-to-wear,’ why not use these tricks to make the most of your outfits?

Scarves and socks for winter

It is time to put away our linens and cottons, and make room for lots of bulky clothes in our wardrobe.

The centre of attraction

Centre tables have long been integral to home décor, creating a huge impact on the outlook transcending the entire room in which they are placed.

Hues of the earth

Every year, a brand new colour with a catchy name pops up, and takes the fashion world by storm, in turn, making our wardrobes

Sitting in the right spot

One comfortable couch, preferably imbued with memories of family or friends, is possibly one’s best comfort zone. Don’t take my word. Television’s geekiest nerd, Sheldon Cooper, from Big Bang Theory, has reminded us more than once. There’s nothing better

Weaving in a legacy of traditions

The time and effort that goes into picking the perfect gift for him/her and the feeling that follows when they acknowledge it is immeasurable. It doesn’t always have to be something over the top expensive and grand, more often than not, it’s the thought that counts