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  • Israr Hasan

  • Hay Festival goes online

    As well as fiction and literary greats, topics this year will include discussions about the Covid-19 pandemic, world affairs, art, economics, and global health. What is still gratifying and mind-boggling is that the festival will be conducting 80 events, all of which will keep us dutifully entertained to the say the very least.
  • Film Festivals going online and you are invited

    With the Covid-19 pandemic raging on with no sign of a cure in proximity and tight lockdowns placed throughout the world, our lives have also taken a seismic shift from students having to attend online classes to many of us working from home to conferences and workshops all being held online.
  • Museum hopping online

    In times of self-isolation, every activity we would find worthwhile — watching films/series to playing video games to reading books to even testing up some new savoury recipes — seems to become tiresome at one point. No matter how many films or books we lap up, we constantly badger for the world outside the confines of our home.
  • Podcasts to uplift you in periods of self-isolation

    The recent pandemic of COVID-19 has all of us cooped up in the confines of our homes and at times running out of options to while our time away. Time seems to be in endless abundance when we are compelled to go into self-quarantine and eke out different routes to enjoy ourselves and relax into the current moment.
  • Conferencing in the age of remote working

    We have all been pushed into our homes with the current pandemic of Covid-19, which has led to the altering of life’s various activities throughout the world, with working at offices taking a major backseat.