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  • Many happy returns, Alpana Habib!

    The 'happy home cook', Alpana Habib is turning over a page in her life as she celebrates her 52nd birthday today.
  • A beacon of hope from Pekua

    The strength of youth has a universal presence of energy that can dispel any atrocity if channelled properly. Its omnipresence can be felt anywhere and Tanema Afroja from Pekua, Cox's Bazar proved this to be so.
  • A tale of tea - from Bangladesh for the World

    From ramshackle tin-shed stalls everywhere to the houses with two swimming pools, you will hardly find a place that is not familiar with the steaming cup of goodness known as tea. Although preparations and preferences differ vastly as more and more brewing recipes are popping up, you can be sure that everything starts with the unmistakable tea leaves.
  • From the farm

    Just about every neighbourhood has it; the huddle of people, especially in the early weekend mornings, making it impossible to miss, not to mention the acrid smell accompanied by the never disappearing blood stains- yes, it's the neighbourhood butcher shop we are so very used to.
  • A word on Gastrointestinal and Colorectal Cancer

    Colorectal Cancer is one of the top three cancers worldwide, and there are many reasons that would account for the increase in incidence of this particular cancer.