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  • Jute as a lifestyle product

    Modern fashion and living are ascending the steps to embrace the senses, while providing the people with a platform of expression. The issue of sustainability and eco-friendliness are now highlighted more than ever; fashion and living too are now addressing these concerns.
  • From pavement to a better life

    Marketing campaigns have seeped so deep into our lives that we cannot think of anything without the material side.
  • No rest for the homemakers

    Around the world, the first of May holds cultural significance as well as the universal context of being the International Workers' Day. You may not need a refresher on the historical background but on this day, today, just about every place you know around town, is shut. This is not a holiday where you can hang around in markets or hit your favourite restaurant-- everyone has a day off.
  • The wishlist for our heritage

    For any sovereign country, people hold the identity of the place, as well as the many defining practices that build its fabric of culture and tradition. Yet, somewhere along the line, maybe simply with the passage of time, or due to the dark side of globalisation, many of the heritage defining aspects disappear or worse, become convoluted beyond acceptance.
  • Tracing the path of Odrishho Rongin Osru

    It's not every day that you would sit with a book of poetry, the cosmopolitan hustle and bustle has robbed us of a variety of quiet pleasures. We want things is 'twenty-words-or-less' to accommodate our shrinking attention span. Yet, the tired souls need that missing element to be human. Odrishho Rongin Osru (Colours of Invisible tears) may be that bridging element, if not more.