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  • The wishlist for our heritage

    For any sovereign country, people hold the identity of the place, as well as the many defining practices that build its fabric of culture and tradition. Yet, somewhere along the line, maybe simply with the passage of time, or due to the dark side of globalisation, many of the heritage defining aspects disappear or worse, become convoluted beyond acceptance.
  • Tracing the path of Odrishho Rongin Osru

    It's not every day that you would sit with a book of poetry, the cosmopolitan hustle and bustle has robbed us of a variety of quiet pleasures. We want things is 'twenty-words-or-less' to accommodate our shrinking attention span. Yet, the tired souls need that missing element to be human. Odrishho Rongin Osru (Colours of Invisible tears) may be that bridging element, if not more.
  • The clay that spoke of 'shokh'

    Every Baishakh sees a spike in the sales of earthenware, particularly for 'shora' (convex earthen plates) and 'hari' (clay cooking bowls). As kumars (the potters) are busy with their pottery wheel and the kilns are burning day and night to compete with spiked seasonal demand; 25 miles north of Rajshahi City, the Pal Para (neighbourhood of potters) at Basantapur is busy with another unique clay creation along with their regular wares.
  • Baishakh 1425 with Apex

    As the scorching summer approaches, your best light wear is already out and you are preparing to welcome Baishakh. Just as your wardrobe is fashionably light and festive, your footwear too has to match the mood! No worries on that front though; Apex has a trendy, fashionable lineup for the fashion forward as well as those who are looking to match tradition with comfort.
  • The voices of nations

    There is hardly anyone of the modern world unfamiliar with historical speeches-- from Dr. Martin Luther King or Abraham Lincoln or even older speeches from ancient times by Socrates or Pericles. Volumes after volumes of compilations of the great and famous (and also of the infamous and dreaded) are not only easily available but come with audio and video recordings to present a fully immersive experience.