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Small businesses during COVID-19: Sink or Swim?

In 1996, Nandan Children’s Fashion had set out to change the scene with readymade stylish children’s wear that did not burn a hole in the wallet. With options for various sizes and exclusive designs, the name Nandan has been essential for those looking for a set of trendy children’s clothes.

In cheese we trust!

The block of dairy goodness known as cheese is a delight in every way for the foodie. Sliced, shredded, melted or just nibbled on its own; there is no end to the possible combinations of enjoying cheese.

Week2: Getting into the flow

With roughly two-third of Ramadan ahead, it’s the perfect time to do some essential tidying up and have a look at the things you have or need to buy. There is nothing worse than leaving things for the last week and ending up with a hodgepodge of activities.

5 things to help your mind in trying times

The Covid-19 pandemic is changing the world as we know it, and every day is becoming more difficult than the last one. The uncertainty and the change ensuing from it have simply crept up in a short amount of time, and are truly too much to take on for anyone.

In the right state of being

The year 2020 is not shaping out to be in the world that we wanted — within just three months of the year, it has been one soul-shaking wakeup call after another, environmentally, politically, and health hazard-wise.

Vanishing boundaries of digital privacy

Your only recollection is that a few days ago, you had exchanged a text with your friend about getting together for a quick morning chat. From that single exchange of information, the ever-helpful and always-listening ubiquitous virtual assistant has set up a new routine, without giving away much to let you know of the steps it has taken.

The food franchise story

You don’t need to have a marketing degree to understand why an international food franchise will work (or slump in cases). Pricing, food quality, placement, delivery services, and above all — the voice of the people, are all it takes. After all, novelties wear off over time, but the great food always remains, be it a local eatery or a multi-storeyed, high-tech food place!

Meet Bangladesh

It was not that long ago when travelling just meant going to one’s ancestral homes. Then again, there were not many options available for families or friends during the long stretch of Eid and Puja holidays. The denizens of the upper echelon had the opportunity to go overseas, but even they were a handful in number.

Winter vibes with Sozpodor

With a demand for local winter-ready clothes that fit the style quotient, Tenzing Chakma has added an eye-catching and elegant lineup to his Sozpodor line of clothes.

Essentials of maintaining oral hygiene

The concept of wellbeing of the whole body is more important than ever, and yet, the teeth are not in the priority zone for most people’s checklist.

Pizza Hut Gulshan: New hut, same pizza!

After 16 years of tasty pizzas and memorable offers, Pizza Hut’s Gulshan outlet has moved to a new address. The original outlet, opened in 2003, was a popular landmark destination, and a beloved place for meet-ups, birthdays, or even simple get-togethers all through the week. And you can now enjoy these same adventures at their new address, just 30 metres away!

Kidulting: Growing up to grow down

Take a good look at your expenses of any month. Chances are you have bought something that is more appropriate for your pre-teen niece or nephew, or your own child rather than yourself. But there it is, sitting on your desk or gracing your showcase, proudly yours!

Lip care with flare — the early prep edition

Hardly anyone passes a winter without chapped lips. No matter how good the arsenal of lip care products, something always goes wrong, the end result being chapped lips, or peeling skin.

Behind the scenes of Dan Cake Bangladesh

The sheer volume of packaged snacks in the local market is mind boggling! And with that come the dregs of doubt; what exactly is being put inside these edibles, packed under eye-catching wrappings?

KFC heats things up with Red Hot Chicken

As we all know, KFC had changed the fried chicken game with their constant innovations and variety on flavours. After conquering Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, and

The October affair called Halloween

The Halloween festivities of today, with its origins in Celtic rites and rituals, his carried on with ‘trick or treat-ing,’ wearing costumes and masks, carving a pumpkin, and many more practices. What’s even more interesting is how much US based television programmes have influenced our understanding of this particular day.

Royal feast with Pizza Hut

The beginning of October held a pleasant surprise for pizza fans. Pizza Hut Bangladesh launched one of their most anticipated and unique pizzas at the start of the month — The CheeseBurger Crown Pizza.

KFC Dhanmondi – better than ever!

KFC fans in Dhaka faced a small setback earlier in September when the Dhanmondi outlet had to be closed for renovations. But what awaited them was a pleasant surprise when the two-story outlet was re-opened and became the largest KFC outlet in South East Asia!

Making the best of your monthly income

Let’s face it, money management on a monthly basis is one thing that our formal education completely missed on teaching us.

Open letter to the bride’s father

Dear fathers, whose daughters are three months to a year away from the BIG day --

Karl Lagerfeld — The one and only K

Earlier this year, in February, the fashion world mourned the death of this acclaimed fashion designer, known for his innovative, in-the-moment style.

NeoFarmers Delivering the next generation of natural products

Everyday essentials are faced with challenges like never before – food and daily use products are filled with harmful chemicals and compounds which should not come in contact with the human body.

Earrings your way

Here’s a common scenario — you are picking jewellery for a semi-formal outing, or for work and suddenly you are stuck. Your earrings are either too long or too large. Your go-to usual ear-top sits there like ’meh’ and you are left wondering why you always

Bohemia on your table

Living room décor is no longer the stiff and by the book styling taken off a magazine, but of course, there is a great distinction between a helter-skelter mess and a strategically casual setup.

Return of the clips

You want to keep a lot of things out of your hair, but what happens when you want the hair to be out of your face? No matter what hair spray/mousse/mineral you use, combating unexpectedly breezy afternoons and fighting frizzy hair days have one go-to: the hair clip!

The re-check list for your refrigerator

The height and width of this essential appliance is only the beginning.

A cheesemaker with a message

Times are changing. No longer will any food enthusiast be puzzled with an offer of something that is made by pouring bacteria into it. Not only will they say a resounding yes, the follow-up selection of dishes and food may overwhelm even the inquirer. Having said that, cheese certainly takes the top slot in this line-up as a delicious dairy goodness boasting of complex flavours.

Berger’s easy solutions

It’s not every day that you want to paint your home. Be it a long overdue paint job or upgrading your abode in stylish hues, a good

Re-thinking kitchen appliances

Modern life and living calls for fast solutions, especially for anything related to kitchen and cooking. As kitchen and home appliances are available like never before, it’s time to lessen the daily grind to a somewhat tolerable level.

Deodorising your refrigerator

It’s the most common olfactory assault in one’s home – opening the refrigerator door and holding your nose as you look for your leftover sandwich or trying to get the tomatoes before your breath runs out. There is a simple fix for this and you will be wondering why you

Getting your essentials the easy way, an online grocery shop with a clever play on the Bangla word meaning ‘supply’ or ‘delivery,’ is focused with the simple mission of meeting people’s daily needs in the easiest possible way.

Find the right Eid gift at MINISO

Ramadan is now on full swing, and with the temperature escalating, it wont be long before we are at the end of the Ramadan.

An eye on diet beyond Ramadan fasting

Typically, Ramadan means a lot of planning, which truthfully remains as words on paper, or hastily typed words on a touch screen. This time around, Star Lifestyle is focusing on the practical side of things. Our highlight for this week is maintaining proper eating habits while fasting, which can be applied throughout the mo

The invisible plus size section

The Baishakhi festivities could not even take a breather, and Ramadan and Eid-ul-Fitr preparations are already in full swing. You cannot walk past a corner on the streets without Eid fashion advertisements blocking your sight.

Savour the taste of Ara-bia this Ramadan at Pan Pacific Sonargaon

Ramadan in Dhaka is going to be a delectable Arabian gastronomical tour for the food lovers, after a long day of fasting, at Pan Pacific Sonargaon Dhaka. This year, the highlight for the iftar buffet is all about a Pan Arabian iftar with Asian and Western flavours.

The not-so-ordinary condiment!

Salt — love it or hate it, you can’t do without it. We are not talking of using it as a seasoning or an essential ingredient only though! Here some of the best things centred on salt that you can do on your own.

Best of music that’s NOT on the charts

The billboard charts are a new form of auditory torture; the YouTube trending list of music has the lasting impression of waves on wet sand. Finding some decent listening material is over a week of scrolling away. But luckily, it payed off!

Steelcase: Workspace furnishing with impact

For a typical 9-to-5 office worker, the majority of indoor time is spent sitting, be it for brainstorming or for a meeting, or just resting.

The quest for the right children's literature

Growing up and reading Sukumar Ray was the most natural thing to do for a young reader with a moderate appetite for all things fun.

The lady's side of solo travel

Venturing to other countries is no longer a challenge, time-wise. It sometimes boggles the mind as to how it took over months for ships to travel from the Indian subcontinent to the British Isles, but that is how it was!

The futuristic view on architecture

For Bangladesh, the challenge is to focus more on the practical side rather than aesthetical perspective. More often than not, aesthetics is applauded, while functionality is set aside.

Stunning in Skirts

Just like any other clothing, the type of fabric used for a skirt plays a key role for truly 'rocking it.' You cannot expect flowy georgette to stay in place, nor can you expect a heavy plaid skirt to give off the breezy vibe. Other than that, when picking cotton or mixed fabric skirts, understanding texture and weave go a long way for the final cut.

Getting the best of

Time constraints being such a pressure, people have to make use of what they have nearby, like the neighbourhood servicemen (who have only grown incompetent at everything over the years) with higher prices and mediocre services.

Love me - Love my scarf

If there is one thing to look forward to in Dhaka's winter, it is that you can finally dust out your best scarves without worrying about getting sweat stains on them. Style wise, you can never go wrong with scarves, unless you end up looking like a Russian Grandma fighting the elements! From the airiest silk scarves to the heavier cashmeres that can double up as warmers, you have a whole array of wrappings and knots right at your fingertips.

A tech crash course for the mums

Are you sick and tired of getting eye rolls when you ask your kids to “update the internet on my phone?” How many times was it that your Instagram post needed a filter like your teenager, and you had to pester them to apply it for you?

Why autocorrect, why?

Sitting on your PC or your laptop, you are blessed with the omnipresent red line under every wrong word.

Binging Bliss

Get a viewing jolt for your week with 'Patrick Melrose.' Witness Benedict Cumberbatch once more in his acting excellence as he battles his inner demons over

Great expectations for 2019

Nothing gets the nation more hyped up than cricket. The 2019 Cricket World Cup, set to be held in England and Wales, is already on the lips of the nation. How will the 'famous five' of the National Team hold up? The English pitch and weather are meant to suit our bowlers just fine, but shouldn't the reverse be also true?

December 25, 2018
December 25, 2018

Note for the notebook hoarder!

Only one week left of this year, and already 2019 journals and notebooks are seen stacked up on shelves everywhere. It is time to do that annual cleaning once

December 18, 2018
December 18, 2018

Taking care of your collectible pens

Buying and admiring your newest 'investment' is only the beginning. To increase, or at least maintain its original value, you have to go through the bare minimum.

December 4, 2018
December 4, 2018

If it's not on Facebook, it never happened

So you planned the perfect wedding, the perfect dress, the absolute best venue, and guess what, you did not go over your budget on anything.

November 27, 2018
November 27, 2018

The three great checklists for a wonderful wedding

Sometimes we get carried away amongst all the chaos of a wedding. Be it with spending hefty sums on the dress, or going overboard with the invitation cards.

November 20, 2018
November 20, 2018

The mother's wedding checklist

Mothers undoubtedly play a huge role in weddings, from giving that last nod of approval, to handpicking and perfecting every little detail. There is little they do not look over when it comes to their children's wedding.

November 20, 2018
November 20, 2018

The father's checklist

We all see weddings as a great mother-daughter bonding time, but fathers have a big role to play here as well. Never underestimate the presence of a father-figure when big arrangements are underway. Since a wedding needs 'all hands on deck,' we have some guidelines to be that helpful hand as the father!

November 20, 2018
November 20, 2018

Pan Pacific Sonargaon deals

Unwind and rejuvenate with the “Bangladeshi Package” offered by Pan Pacific Sonargaon Dhaka this season. The offer includes an exclusive range of dining and recreational facilities, complemented by their signature 5-star service.

November 20, 2018
November 20, 2018

Grooms, prepare!

You have successfully popped the question and feel ecstatic. Well now the list of responsibilities only grows... better start prepping!

November 20, 2018
November 20, 2018

The Belle's Hackbook

The final big day that you tie the knot on may look effortless in its execution, but only those who have been through these as brides or bridesmaids will truly know exactly how many things can go wrong. But having said that, being prepared is not all that difficult!

November 13, 2018
November 13, 2018

The Wedding Plan

Pick up a notebook or your favourite note taking app and get busy. Carefully list out the budget, the venue, the dresses, where to go for the flowers, the makeup artists, caterers — everything that comes to mind should be listed.