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  • Bohemia on your table

    Living room décor is no longer the stiff and by the book styling taken off a magazine, but of course, there is a great distinction between a helter-skelter mess and a strategically casual setup.
  • Earrings your way

    Here’s a common scenario — you are picking jewellery for a semi-formal outing, or for work and suddenly you are stuck. Your earrings are either too long or too large. Your go-to usual ear-top sits there like ’meh’ and you are left wondering why you always
  • A cheesemaker with a message

    Times are changing. No longer will any food enthusiast be puzzled with an offer of something that is made by pouring bacteria into it. Not only will they say a resounding yes, the follow-up selection of dishes and food may overwhelm even the inquirer. Having said that, cheese certainly takes the top slot in this line-up as a delicious dairy goodness boasting of complex flavours.
  • The re-check list for your refrigerator

    The height and width of this essential appliance is only the beginning.
  • Return of the clips

    You want to keep a lot of things out of your hair, but what happens when you want the hair to be out of your face? No matter what hair spray/mousse/mineral you use, combating unexpectedly breezy afternoons and fighting frizzy hair days have one go-to: the hair clip!