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  • A word on Gastrointestinal and Colorectal Cancer

    Colorectal Cancer is one of the top three cancers worldwide, and there are many reasons that would account for the increase in incidence of this particular cancer.
  • From the farm

    Just about every neighbourhood has it; the huddle of people, especially in the early weekend mornings, making it impossible to miss, not to mention the acrid smell accompanied by the never disappearing blood stains- yes, it's the neighbourhood butcher shop we are so very used to.
  • Safe, Clean, and Hassle-free Qurbani

    The season of sacrifice is less than a month away and this time it's on the rainy edge of monsoon. Those who will be going to the 'haat' are already preparing for yet another muddy encounter. Then are the post-qurbani formalities and clean ups, all wedged within a week.
  • In the kitchens of Finger Lickin' Good!

    Picture this - a global fried chicken joint, with all the trims of the place, packed with people enjoying their time. You go up to order, and naturally take a peek behind the cashier. The part of the kitchen/prep-area is visible, but not all of it. You wonder what really takes place. Is it possible to actually take a look?
  • Gustatory tourism

    Call it 'Travelling for Food' or 'Culinary Tourism,' the meaning remains the same. Kashtan Habib, an advertising personnel, who loves food and travelling, weighs in on this by saying, “I guess these are all different terms for the same concept - food travel.