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  • Writing in style — the notebook edition

    Hardly anyone writes anything by hand in class these days.

  • Grandma's embroidery

    The magic that lies in the thread and needle can only be coaxed by the most seasoned of fingers.


    Shami kebab, Jali kebab, Afghani kebab; if these names have managed to tingle your taste buds then you are definitely interested in what we are about to share.

  • Crazy cravings

    Moistened, deep fried lentil balls dipped in rich creamy mixture of yoghurt, garnished with the perfect concoction of tangy and spicy signature sauce...

  • Crazy Cravings

    Have you ever wondered if sweet-toothed people are also sweet in nature? No one cares really! All we are interested in are jilapis for now.

  • The mystical teep

    The Bengali belle is never complete without the bindi or the teep; as we usually love to call it.

  • Children and consumerism

    We live and breathe in a consumerist world, a world where participating in the rat race is becoming the norm often at the expense of spending quality time in the company of people we love most.

  • Days of the radio

    'Nostalgia' is probably the first word we associate with 'radio'. A 5-minute break from the hassles of Friday traffic, a request show and a song for your lover, or that catchy jingle simply refusing to erase itself from memory – these are what make radio, RADIO!

  • Perfecting the Falgun look

    The end of another drab winter and the beginning of a verdant spring - Pohela Falgun, the first day of the Bengali month of Falgun, brings along with itself a stream of vibrant colours and haul of festivals.

  • Eyes of the Divine

    Look up, and you will see brilliant parades of clouds on the backdrop of clear blue skies. See around you. Bushes of 'kashphool' have blossomed here and there.