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  • Shoaib Ahmed Sayam

    Shoaib Ahmed Sayam doesn't need coffee because he stays up all night anyway, doing the things he should be doing during the day. Send him John Cena memes at:

  • Can you really do anything you want to?

    There's a prevalent narrative which states that people are capable of doing whatever they put their minds to, that following your passion is paramount to achieving your dreams. As good as it feels to be hopeful for the future and be inspired, let's step back and contemplate on this notion.
  • Just let me eat

    We already judge people by their weight, height, clothes, the way they walk, and how they talk. What else can we judge them by? Hmm, I know, how they intake nutrients for sustaining life. This is my story of vilification and condemnation.
  • You want my saree

    Hello. My name is Katan Benaroshiwala, and I'm the best saree salesman this country has ever seen. It all started when my dad bought me a branded lungi with the money he saved by not sending me to school.
  • This is your brain on social media

    Ever wondered why gambling can sometimes develop into an addiction? It's really complex but two components play a role: variable rewards and dopamine. B. F. Skinner's famous experiment (read up on it if interested) demonstrated how unpredictable rewards compel us to reinforce an action. For instance, when people play slot machines they don't know whether they'll win or lose; same goes for those claw
  • 100% accurate book descriptions

    Are you tired of all the vague summaries written on the back of books like, “A thrilling story about a particular person who went through the typical ups and downs of life and how he/she overcame them”?