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  • Shoaib Ahmed Sayam

    Shoaib Ahmed Sayam doesn't need coffee because he stays up all night anyway, doing the things he should be doing during the day. Send him John Cena memes at:

  • CID went off air, and so did my life

    1997 was a year when I had no concept of criminals or law enforcers to catch said criminals. That's the same year CID aired for the first time.

    For years, we have been getting reports from general people that a certain ominous area in our own capital has been harrowing the lives of its inhabitants, and no, it's not Uttara.
  • The Vampires of Dhaka

    “Hello, did you reach the graveyard?” the person on the other side of the phone inquired. “Yes, I did. I'm inside now and looking for you guys. Where are you?” “What? No, what the heck, get out of there. Take a left from the graveyard, walk for about five minutes and you'll see a student mess. It's house number 42. Do you have Google Maps? I'll send you the location,” he corrected me.
  • How to 4G Mobile Network Changed my life

    How 4G changed my life

    The day I got my new 4G SIM was the day I realised my full potential. To think I was going through life with a 3.5G connection is insane. Now every day is so fast and smooth, no buffering. Allow me to illustrate just how much of a paradigm shift this is.
  • How the rain drips into my heart

    The rain means a lot of things to a lot of people. It might be a feeling of nostalgia, a longing for someone or simply a need to pee.