What to read to feel the magic of spring

Regardless of the ambience of these part-sunny-part gloomy days, there is always a book to suit to the mood

Spring skincare routine for men

Here are a few tips for men to create a skincare regimen for spring.

Why I love the season of spring

Spring or boshonto is the last of the six Bangla seasons and happens to fall between winter and summer, spreading over the Bangla months of Falgun and Chaitra (mid-February to mid-April).

Breaking down the fashion calendar: Suiting up for Spring 2023

The month of September is beloved by fashion lovers and fashionistas worldwide as fashion weeks take place around the world. This year, the Spring/Summer 2023 season fashion weeks started in New York City with the New York Fashion Week on 9 September, 2022. But, if you are wondering why Spring shows are taking place in September, the month we transition to fall, then you are not alone. The fashion calendar can be confusing so read ahead as we demystify it for you.

Bengal Boi’s ‘Fagun Shomirone’ spring fair ends tomorrow

Bengal Boi has been hosting their spring fair, Fagun Shomirone, at their premises in Dhanmondi, Dhaka, which is due to end on Saturday, February 26. 

Sunglasses you must own

As far as accessories go, sunglasses are timeless. They have the magical power to instantly make anyone look chicer and more stylish. Below, we discuss some must-have styles of sunglasses in an attempt to help you navigate the plethora of styles available.

SEASON’S READINGS / Revisiting Zahir Raihan’s ‘Arek Falgun’ this spring, and every spring

Winter was slowly taking off, with the February breeze following through, with the falling of the Debdaru leaves, with the advent of a new season.

Hello Spring!

Spring comes at the close of winter days with promises to bring colours into lives. In Bangla calendar, Spring or Basanta consists of the two Bangla months -- Falgun and Chaitra.

Colours of Holi in Dhaka

The colourful festival of Holi in Dhaka, takes place across the country as well as at the thousand-year old Dhakeswari Mandir.

February 13, 2016
February 13, 2016

Pahela Falgun welcomed adorned in colours

Men and women adorning the bright basanti (yellow) colour are swarming Dhaka University campus, Ramna Park and the streets of Dhaka interlaced with the music of Rabindranath’s songs and the sound of drums to receive the arrival of Basanta.

February 13, 2016
February 13, 2016

Welcome spring

Spring is knocking on our door. You can feel it in the air: the dryness gone from the atmosphere and the biting cold superseded by a calming wind that loosens you up from icy inertia.

February 13, 2015
February 13, 2015

Heralding the arrival of Spring

The arrival of Pahela Falgun, the king of all seasons, is always greeted with a profusion of flowers, poetry, songs and dances.

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