Spring skincare routine for men

Spring skincare routine for men
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The warmer days of spring mean more heat and a rise in humidity, which in turn increases oil production and enlarges pores leaving our skins vulnerable to damage. Our skincare routines will need to adjust accordingly. 

Here are a few tips for men to create a skincare regimen for spring. 

The sunscreen routine

A good sunscreen should be the first skincare item in your routine because of those harmful UV rays. From wrinkles and fine lines to dark spots and even skin cancer, if not addressed properly, these rays will take a toll. You will need something robust like sunscreen with SPF 30 or even 50 to help you get through the day. 

This makes half the routine. The other half consists of taking off the sunscreen! 

That's right, as helpful as it is outdoors, keeping sunscreen on for too long is not good. It can clog the pores as well as increase your skin's sebum production which will eventually lead to breakouts and blackheads thereby completely nullifying your entire skincare routine. 

You will need a good cleansing oil or cleansing balm in your regime to help remove sunscreen from your face as soon as you get back home. 

Exploring the trifecta

We are talking about the whole shebang here: Face wash, toner, and moisturiser (in that order).

A face wash is essential to remove oil from the skin and keep it hydrated. An oil-removing face wash will give the skin a deep cleanse and help regulate sebum production and give your face a vibrant glow. It is particularly important to have a good face wash in spring because of the temperature and humidity. 

Next comes the toner which pretty much is the most essential product in the lineup. The toner goes to each of the pores in your face and removes every last trace of dirt and impurity stuck inside. In addition, it enhances the tightness of the pores overtime and gives your face a smooth and seamless appearance. 

The finishing piece of the puzzle is the moisturiser which rejuvenates and rehydrates the skin after steps one and two. Lack of a moisturiser in the routine will cause your face to produce excess oil to make up for the oil lost after the application of face wash and toner. What a good moisturiser will do is soothe the skin and keep it fresh and hydrated. 

Incorporating a serum

Most men are oblivious to serums and that is understandable. But trust us on this, a good serum would change your life. Serums based on hyaluronic acid inject the skin with nutrients and plumps it up. It also reduces lines and wrinkles thereby removing years off your face and making you look younger. It is also beneficial for overall skin health in general. You can use it in the morning as well as at night but just make sure it is the first thing you apply after washing your face.