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  • Pori Moni’s engagement to Tamim Hasan

    Popular actor Pori Moni and journalist Tamim Hasan declared their love for each other, few years back on Valentine’s Day.

  • Actress Pori Moni Birthday

    Pori Moni's noble initiative

    Actor Pori Moni will turn a new leaf in life today, as she grows a year older. She hopes to make the day special by spending time with children, for they have a special place in her heart.

  • Dhaliwood Actress Pori Moni

    Pori Moni Replaced!

    In a shocking turn of events, Pori Moni was replaced by none other than Apu Biswas in the upcoming film Mohorot. Everything was on the right track when the film was announced and Pori Moni was declared as the lead. However, it seems that Pori opted out of the film with the excuse that she is “ill”. Fans are skeptical of whether the illness is legitimate or if she simply did not want to play that role. Only time will tell how the film will do without her.

  • Pori Moni

    Pori Moni, like never before

    The first trailer of Giasuddin Selim's much-anticipated film “Swapnajaal” was released online on Saturday night, on the closing day of the


    Thousands of hearts were broken when Dhaliwood's most sought after actress Pori Moni publicly announced her relationship with RJ Tamim Hasan on Facebook.

  • Pori Moni

    Stand by haor people: Pori Moni

    Dhallywood actress Pori Moni calls upon her fans to stand by the flashflood affected people in the haor areas.

  • Pori Moni on Eid special Alap

    Pori Moni on Eid special Alap

    On an Eid special episode of Boishakhi TV's celebrity chat show “Alap”, film star Pori Moni will be the guest.

  • Pori Moni signs with Jaaz Multimedia

    Pori Moni is set to star in “Rokto”, Jazz's latest production. Malek Afsari will direct the thriller film, which is a joint production of India and Bangladesh.

  • Pori Moni Casted by Giasuddin Selim

    Pori Moni debuted in film with a bang early this year with “Bhalobasha Shimaheen”.

  • 6-month ban on Rana Plaza movie

    The High Court imposes a six-month restriction on a movie depicting garment worker Reshma, who was rescued miraculously on the 17th day of the Rana Plaza disaster in 2013.

  • Hot Streak Pori Moni

    Pori Moni is already quite a hotly discussed topic in the media these days.