Sanjay Leela Bhansali: The Master of Grandeur

His films combine operatic language with impassioned desires to create a gorgeous universe that makes you wish it actually did. On the 60th birthday of Bhansali, we take a look at some of his noted works over the years.

#Perspective / Why is black the colour of mourning?

The way people mourn has evolved. Some individuals adhere to the practice of wearing black to funerals, while others choose to wear other muted shades that were once thought to be inappropriate for the occasion.

ABC generation returns with ‘November Rain’

Artcell, Black, Cryptic Fate – the ‘ABC’ concerts were known to be a hallmark of the 2000’s and 2010’s. After almost a decade, these three mighty bands will return to the stage with the concert, ‘November Rain Volume 2’, on November 12.

The evergreen winning combo of black and gold

There are those well-regarded classic colour combinations like black and gold that never go out of style for anybody. Even if we date back to the 1900s when women’s fashion was neat, covered and detailed with ruffles, buttons and lace in layers; black and gold had an upper hand even there. Georgia Hale, a 20th century silent film artist sported black silk dresses with golden tassels.

Sequins in Fashion: shine on you brilliant thing!

All women everywhere are magpies at heart! Give us anything shiny, bright and brilliant and we are sold in a heartbeat! Glitter makes our hearts sing and sequins with all their sparkling glory hits right at the pleasure centres of our brains! For the longest time though sequins and all this shiny have been on the receiving end of relentless flak from naysayers who dismissed it as tacky and inelegant. Anything sequined would be deemed crass and unfashionable, unfit for polite society even where it’d raise many eyebrows and draw inevitable frowns from purists!

Green light for Russell's black bat

West Indies all-rounder Andre Russell was given the all-clear to use his black bat in Australia's Twenty20 Big Bash League on Tuesday after it was initially banned for leaving marks on the ball.

Russell's black bat banned

Cricket officials Wednesday banned a black bat used by West Indian Andre Russell in Australia's T20 Big Bash League because its colour marks the ball.

US sport grapples with racial tension in wake of shootings

The shootings of two black men by police in Tulsa and Charlotte reverberate in the US sports world as racial tensions flare around the United States.

Cricket: No racial quotas for Proteas

South Africa will not be using any racial quotas to pick the team to face New Zealand in the first test later this week despite promising to formally introduce them to a bid to speed up transformation.

December 5, 2015
December 5, 2015

Mim's movie “Black” released in Dhaka

“Black”, the collaborative film production between the two sides of Bengal, was released in halls across the country yesterday.

September 10, 2015
September 10, 2015

Marvel adds Native American, Korean superheroes

The comic book giant Marvel has added a Native American and a Korean-American teenager to its list of superheroes.