Hawkers occupy sidewalks again

Sidewalk of GPO has returned to its 'old and usual' days.Photo: STAR


Digitised bus tickets make debut

The two digitalised BRTC bus counters.Photo: STAR


Broccoli Becoming Popular

The two digitalised BRTC bus counters.Photo: Syed Zakir Hossain

Highly nutritious European vegetable broccoli is becoming popular in Dhaka city. The deep green plant of the cabbage family, resembling common cauliflower, was once available only in posh superstores. However, it has slowly made its way to be sold by street vendors. Farmers are more and more opting for its cultivation as the profit is higher than cauliflower. A large quantity of broccoli is now supplied to city markets from Savar. Photo shows a vendor selling the bushy vegetable on a sidewalk in front of Science Laboratory.

Construction of all but one at Mahakhali hits snag

Construction of the kitchen market in progress at Mahakhali.Photo: STAR


Revivifying wall magazines

Visitors look at a bright wall magazine at the show at Bangla Academy. Photo: STAR


Poor, but Not Poor at Heart

Although confining and torturing a wild animal is prohibited by laws, a section of poor people still finds it a way to earn their livelihood by becoming monkey charmers. Here, a 'proud' street boy, one of the audiences at a show near Mirpur Gol Chakkar yesterday, was so amused by the feat that he gave Tk 8 to the monkey while others were giving only Tk 2. Photo: Syed Zakir Hossain

Small stores to slip out of taxman

Gradually all businesses will have to use electronic cash registers.Photo: SK Enamul Haq


Rectifying deviant buildings Rajuk's major challenge

CONCRETE JUNGLE: Just eviction and demolition are not enough to stop violation of building rules.Photo: STAR


25 lone inmates at Dhaka Zoo

The last of the ostriches walks inside its coop at Dhaka Zoo.Photo: STAR


Horrendous honking near hospitals

A 'helpless' Don't Honk sign in front of Birdem hospital.Photo: STAR