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    In 1885, Karl Benz devised a contraption that had the basic workings of the modern internal combustion engine and drivetrain – multiple strokes, pistons, crankshaft and a basic gearing mechanism to transfer the power. More importantly, it used gasoline as the chief source of energy, and the viability of the Karl Benz Patent Motorwagen made petrol the fuel for mass-mobility.

  • New Car Preview: Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

    Rangs Limited, authorised dealer of Mitsubishi Motors has the 2016 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport in. Most of the previous models plying our roads are black, government owned and chauffer driven. They are also round, and have no unique angle – looks just like a typical SUV. The new one isn't. In a rather short date with the demo vehicle, we find out what the new gen Pajero sport is all about.

  • 2016-17 Toyota Avanza

    We all secretly agree that MPVs are our life savers, carrying things that no cars can and going places where no cars dare tread. One of the most promising MPVs in the Bangladeshi market is Toyota Avanza, which has gone through a lot of evolution since its inception thirteen years ago. We took the latest generation RWD MPV out for a test drive and Navana was kind enough to throw in the older model to escort us.

  • THE 2017 BMW 7 SERIES

    BMW has gone mad in a very calculative and delicious manner with the latest generation of their flagship, the 7 series. We take the uber-luxury limo out on a date.

  • Under the spotlight: Shoeb Ahmed, COO, Rangs Limited

    What does your position as Chief Operating Officer entail in an organization such as Rangs? What aspects do you look

  • Navana 3S Centre: One stop solution to pamper your ride

    One of the perks of owning a brand new car is not having to deal with erratic neighbourhood mechanics due to the warranties

  • 100 years of BMW

    BMW has a reputation of making the best driver's cars and is eponymous with quality, reliability and efficiency. Over the course of a century, the German automaker has taken a precise scalpel to the cars they've engineered, and delivered some truly wonderful driving machines. They've established themselves as a leader in luxury cars, with a forward thinking mindsetthat continues to deliver. How did BMW become the industry leader it currently is, and what does their vision of the future entail?

  • Top Trumps - 2017 Honda Civic Turbo versus 2016 Toyota Premio

    What is Top Trumps? Well, it’s a card game for kids. It’s how you settle arguments between friends, create lifelong enemies and occasionally engage in fist-fights. Fight with facts and figures, come out on top! Which mid-size sedan wins, the 2016 Civic or the Premio?

  • CVT service: dealership recommendations

    Like all new technology, Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVTs) have gone through multiple development stages.

  • New car prices 2016

    All the brand new cars in Bangladesh, with specifications and prices.

  • A household name: Rangs Limited

    Rangs has become a household name for everything from telecommunications to electronics to automobiles. With

  • Navana Limited

    The market for cars in Bangladesh has come a long way since the early 1990's. With Toyota being one of the most

  • Family hauler: 2015 Toyota Avanza

    After the facelifted Avanza, Toyota's Multiple Purpose Vehicle (MPV), has become one of the hottest selling cars in

  • Urban practicality: 2015 Toyota Vios

    2015 has been a good year for families and companies seeking sub-compact sedans. Not only have Asian

  • German product, Bangladeshi heart

    Dewan Sajid, GM of Executive Motors Bangladesh discusses BMWs taking on Bangladeshi streets.

  • Efficiency and soul defined: 2016 BMW 318i M-package

    The latest BMW 3 series comes with a cracking three cylinder turbo engine. Is it as fun to drive as it is efficient?

  • Don't break it after you buy it: the do's & don'ts of new engine run-in

    You've bought a new car. Do you mash the accelerator to the floor or baby it? Or is there a middle ground? Here's how you break in a new car properly.

  • City tour: 2015 Honda City

    The City was always a light, economical, sharp handling car. The 3rd gen had a D15B 1.5 engine with about 115 bhp

  • Editorial: A timeline of firsts for Shift

    Brand new cars or zero mileage vehicles are like an unwritten chapter. No child has yet smudged the front seat with

  • Perks of owning a brand new car

    There is an obvious shift in automobile buying trend in our country. Instead of stalking through reconditioned grey